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Employee Retention Strategies Go Beyond Competitive Salaries

HR Digest

employees quit their jobs in a year, indicating an average of 4.2 With numbers as big as these and burnout at an all-time high, it becomes increasingly important to take employee retention strategies seriously and explore what they can do to connect with their employees. How to Improve Employee Retention?

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Employee Recognition: How Can It Help Counteract The Effects Of A Crisis?

Vantage Circle

A simple "thank you" can make employees feel more appreciated and help boost retention rates. If your employees aren't recognized for their work, they'll take it somewhere else. What Is Employee Recognition? Employee appreciation is associated with increased job satisfaction.


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10 employee appreciation ideas to implement for 2023


f your goals for 2023 are to increase productivity, motivation, and retention, we’ve got good news. Focusing on employee appreciation can accomplish all three. Finding it hard to believe that something as simple as employee happiness in the workplace can do all of that?

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Why is Employee Recognition Important?


A well-implemented employee recognition program has the power to impact many aspects of a business including engagement, turnover, productivity, morale, and purpose. It’s no wonder that successful organizations across the world prioritize engagement through recognition. It’s a critical step in reducing turnover.

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Employee Recognition: The What, Why & How (+ Creative Ideas)

Semos Cloud

Employee Recognition: The What, Why & How (+ Creative Ideas) . Employee recognition is a powerful driver of positive changes across your organization. Find out how to recognize your employees and why it is important you do. What is Employee Recognition . April 10, 2020. By Sara Ana Cemazar.

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20 Best Employee Recognition Software Solutions in 2023


An employee recognition software comes as a helping hand for employees who should be rewarded for their loyalty and hard work in an organization. It provides quality support and creates a positive working environment, helping employees gain renewed energy to perform tasks. 20 best employee recognition software 1.

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12 Thoughtful Employee Gift Ideas to Recognize Your Employees’ Work

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Use these thoughtful employee gift ideas to reward your employees for their hard work from home or from the office. What are some good employee gift ideas? This question is often on mind of HR Professionals, especially the ones dealing with employee recognition and rewards. . Non-Monetary Employee Gift Ideas