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Partner Q&A with JobAdder

Spark Hire

We’re very excited to announce that a Spark Hire and JobAdder integration is coming soon! Utilizing the upcoming integrated solution, JobAdder customers can reap the benefits of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions from within their applicant tracking system. What is JobAdder?

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Improve the Candidate Experience with Better Scheduling

HR Bartender

(Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by Cronofy , a global innovator in business scheduling software. It provides businesses with the technology they need to offer best-in-class scheduling. Or at the end of a meeting, I might ask a couple of managers if they can tell me their availability for a panel interview.


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Cronofy and JobAdder Interview Scheduling Survey 2019 Results


That’s why we chose to work with JobAdder – one of the first customers to use our calendar sync API – by surveying 272 of their external recruiters about their experiences. JobAdder is a software company with the goal of making recruitment more accessible and intuitive. Time to schedule an interview.

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10 Best Job Posting Software Tools in 2024


Fortunately, this is where different HR software comes in. These tools can automate and simplify most of your HR tasks. For instance, job posting software can help you write job descriptions, and advertise your job ads on different sites and boards. Plus the tool also helps you set up interviews with potential candidates.

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Top 10 Job Description Management Software in 2023

Recruiters Lineup

Job description management software is a tool that allows companies to create, store, and manage job descriptions for their employees. This software can help streamline the process of creating and updating job descriptions, making it easier for managers to keep track of the responsibilities and qualifications of their employees.

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Automation in Recruitment: 10 recruitment agency processes you can improve with software automation


How using software automation in recruitment solves some of its biggest frustrations. Such a problem is systemic and there is little that individual recruiters can do to alleviate the problem of there being too few applicants applying for too many roles. Here are ten recruitment agency processes that benefit from software automation.

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A List of 7 Top Workable Alternatives to Know


You have to source for candidates, write job descriptions, interview the candidates, ensure proper new employee onboarding, and more. So, this is where a recruitment platform like Workable comes in. Hiring software simplifies the recruitment process by automating most of the HR tasks. Then the tool offers inclusive synonyms.