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We’re very excited to announce that a Spark Hire and JobAdder integration is coming soon! Utilizing the upcoming integrated solution, JobAdder customers can reap the benefits of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions from within their applicant tracking system. Not only are we pumped to soon offer this integrated solution to our customers, but we’re also happy to be working with a great team of people led by Brett Iredale, CEO of JobAdder.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Recruiting From The Cloud

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— About The Author: Laura Hanrahan is a Marketing Content Writer at JobAdder. JobAdder is a global recruitment platform. Advanced and easy to use, JobAdder’s cloud-based software streamlines the complete end-to-end recruitment process through one online portal.

T3 – The 100 Hottest HR and TA Technologies on the Planet #

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JobAdder || Candidate Relationship Management || @jobadder. My good friend William Tincup ( @WilliamTincup ) is probably the single smartest person I know in the HR and Talent Technology space, worldwide! That’s saying a lot because this space is filled with smart men and women. At HR Tech Fest this year, William made a comment on stage that there is roughly 21,000 HR and Talent Technology companies in the world.

Exploring the Increase of Virtual Workers — September 2015 Roundup

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In this article written by Bree Cowell, Support Consultant for JobAdder, this is her reality. Offering this type of workspace and work/life balance sets companies like JobAdder apart from the rest for sure. A great work environment = productivity via @JobAdder #WorkInParadise Click To Tweet. Is your “corner office” located in your own home? For many, working at home or even across the globe from the brick and mortar location is the norm.