Employee Turnover: It’s Time to Focus on Retention


Employee turnover is one of the most difficult challenges businesses face when running a people services operation. Imagine having to turn new clients away due to employee turnover and staffing shortages. Retention, what’s the big deal?

Attract Talent & Avoid Turnover at Your Dealership This Summer


We saw in the May 2021 BLS Report that the unemployment rate is continuing to tick down, however employers nationwide are struggling to find talent. Dealers and other retail businesses have especially felt the talent scarcity pinch. How do you deliver a world-class hiring experience ?


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How Is Onboarding Related To Employee Retention?


Yet, decision makers often ignore a hidden siphon draining their financial reservoirs: high employee turnover. Luckily, there is plenty you can do to reduce unwanted employee turnover. The best place to start is with a robust and comprehensive employee onboarding process.

How Is Onboarding Related To Employee Retention?


Yet, decision makers often ignore a hidden siphon draining their financial reservoirs: high employee turnover. Luckily, there is plenty you can do to reduce unwanted employee turnover. The best place to start is with a robust and comprehensive employee onboarding process.

Employee Wellbeing & DEI: Supporting Inclusivity Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Speaker: Catherine Mattice - Culture Consultant, Business Coach, Strategic HR Expert

Join Catherine Mattice as she details actionable steps for encouraging and reinforcing inclusive behavior from the employees’ first day all the way to their last.

How to Understand the Onboarding Metrics That Matter

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Since your onboarding process is a critical part of the long-term success and employee retention equations, it’s a logical target for both monitoring and continuous improvement. By tracking the right metrics, you can measure the effectiveness of your onboarding approach.

Onboarding Headaches? HR Tech Can Help Your Headaches Go Away!

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In many ways, onboarding is an undervalued part of the hiring process. As a result, it has a major impact on morale, productivity, and turnover, either setting the stage for success or increasing the odds of a misfire. In many cases, onboarding isn’t particularly engaging.

12 Employee Retention Strategies You Need Right Now to Delight Employees and Reduce Turnover


It is reported that almost 70% of organizations indicate staff turnover has a negative impact on their bottom line. With record unemployment and over 70% of employers concerned about the talent shortage, retention is on the top of every leader’s mind. Turnover is expensive.

What is employee turnover, and how can you address it?


The Great Resignation means that employee turnover is one of the biggest issues confronting companies today. But your enterprise isn’t helpless when it comes to retaining the talent it needs to stay competitive. What is employee turnover? Calculating employee turnover.

Tired of Employee Turnover? Increase Retention with this Easy to Implement Cost-Free Solution


Turnover is costing you exorbitant amounts of money every year and HR departments have been fighting it for decades. Companies may also experience a loss of productivity as the new employee ramps up to become as productive as the prior employee. How Is Turnover Affecting Your Industry?

Healthcare Onboarding Best Practices: Improving Retention from Day One


Healthcare Onboarding Best Practices: Improving Retention from Day One Jan. Employee turnover comes at a high cost, especially in healthcare. In 2017, turnovers in nurse staffing cost the average hospital between $4.4 The key could lie in successful onboarding.

The 5 Primary Costs of Employee Turnover and How to Manage Them


Employee turnover is typical for most businesses. A high turnover rate deals damage from multiple angles, from the expense of recruiting and training new hires to the loss of institutional knowledge and a tarnished reputation. Training and onboarding. Hiring & Retention

9 Employee Retention Strategies for Keeping Your Best Talent


Employee retention should always be a priority. HR leaders need to develop a range of strategies to positively impact employee retention. With open feedback channels, building a culture of recognition, and other key techniques, you can boost your retention efforts this year and beyond.

Who Owns Retention? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem


What’s the biggest problem when it comes to employee turnover? No one owns retention! At many companies, when turnover rises executives point to HR to fix it – whose plate is already overflowing with terminations, payroll, benefits management, and back-fill recruiting. After much finger-pointing, companies often come to the conclusion, “We have so much turnover, we need to hire another recruiter.” What Is a Retention Specialist Exactly?

3 Ways to Improve Employee Retention


Employee retention is the secret ingredient for long-term growth and competitive differentiation. Employers that hold fast to their best talent can wade off any storms, including pandemics, market competition, and even regulation. Why is Employee Retention Important?

Attrition vs Retention: What’s the Difference?


Employee attrition and employee retention are important HR metrics for developing and managing a robust, productive workforce, especially in the context of Great Resignation. Employee attrition and retention are two concepts on the opposite ends that address the same situation.

Seamless Remote Onboarding: Key to Employee Retention of Remote Workforce


With a steep increase in remote working, onboarding becomes critical. According to the 2019 Retention Report from the Work Institute , more than 38% of all turnover in 2018 was attributable to employees who quit in the first year and 43 out of 100 new employees quit in the first 90 days.

Hybrid Work: Four Ways to Strategize Employee Retention


Moreover, disagreements could also cause employee turnover and low performance. What makes these two parties want different things, and how can companies nurture retention in that climate? How Does Hybrid Work Impact Employee Turnover?

6 Tips for Creating a First-Class Onboarding Experience

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Your onboarding process can help make it a great one: 70% of employees who would say their onboarding experience was “excellent” said they have the “best possible job.”. Onboarding’s Ripple Effect. Onboarding strategy is the foundation of employee experience.

Top Actions for Addressing Staffing and Onboarding Issues in Healthcare

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Witnessing higher rates of turnover, an increase in worker burnout, and competition with larger organizations in the non-clinical space, talent acquisition teams are taking immediate action to rectify this issue. Onboarding

9 Onboarding Metrics to Track at Your Organization


Onboarding is a key part of the employee journey that shapes the rest of their experience at your organization. An effective onboarding process is a big influence in setting up your new hires for success. Let’s have a look at onboarding metrics you should track.

What Are the 5 C’s of Onboarding?


Onboarding is the critical first impression that you only get one chance to make. Prior to the pandemic, many companies skated by with a basic onboarding process involving a few forms and an employee handbook. But why is onboarding so important? Onboarding: The 4 C’s.

Employee Retention and Turnover Solutions


To solve employee turnover, we look at employee retention best practices and organization-specific strategies. The CMO of People maps the employee experience from the employee’s perspective instead of HR’s perspective. Onboarding. Employee Engagement Employee Retention

How Onboarding Technology Can Improve Talent Retention


The ability to recruit and retain talented employees, one of the most highly coveted resources for businesses of all sizes, is critical to industry success. It therefore comes as a surprise (at least to me) that many companies allow talent to slip through their fingers. That’s simple: By failing to provide the effective onboarding experience new hires need. A High Turnover of Talent. How Technology Can Aid Retention.

How Onboarding Improves Employee Performance | ClearCompany

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That’s why employee retention strategies are at the forefront of HR teams’ priorities across industries in 2022. It’s time to rethink every part of the employee experience at your organization and ensure that your processes are not contributing to employee turnover.

9 Benefits of Employee Retention | ClearCompany

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And with 25% of workers at risk of quitting, retention is more important than ever: What would happen if 25% of your workforce decided to leave your company? That means that prioritizing employee retention in 2022 is essential. What Is Employee Retention? Turnover was 57.3%

Employee Retention: How to Retain Top Talent in 2022 | ClearCompany

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There’s no better year than 2022 to prioritize employee retention — after all, we’ve all heard of the Great Resignation. That’s led to a scarcity of available talent, with only around 65 unemployed workers for every 100 open jobs in the U.S. less turnover.

How to Protect Your Company from High Employee Turnover


Every manager and HR professional views employee turnover as a headache, but do you actually know how expensive and damaging it can be to your organization? One Catalyst estimate states that turnover-related costs amount to 12 percent of pre-tax income for a typical company; and these figures don’t begin to describe the internal stress created when someone quits, or the hit your brand can take if a disgruntled departing worker shares their displeasure on social media.

How to avoid the common pitfalls for an exceptional onboarding experience


Who is responsible for onboarding? It is common for team leaders and managers to see onboarding as someone else’s job. Exceptional employee onboarding experiences can pay dividends over the long term where everyone wins. Having onboarding programs that are too short.

Why Your Onboarding and Exit Surveys Aren’t Fixing Turnover


Come to think of it, they also never asked how my onboarding experience was during those formative early months. If they had asked, they might have been able to make improvements to their onboarding program. Additionally, having a professional conversation with a person who has decided to leave your organization can shed valuable insight on its overall performance, and help uncover new ways to improve to encourage talented people to stick around.

Four Ways to Achieve Better Employee Retention in Healthcare??

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Healthcare HR professionals are always seeking new ways to improve their hiring strategies and getting creative when sourcing talent. each year in associated turnover costs. Consider these four approaches when looking to build or update your retention strategy.

4 Ways to Leverage HR Strategy and Grow your Small Business


The typical formula includes attention to sales, marketing, and retention. HR is integral to any business because, at its core, it affects employee engagement, retention, and growth. Attracting top talent. Reduce employee turnover.

How to Calculate Your Employee Turnover Rate | ClearCompany

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If you're like most business owners, you might have a general idea of how much employee turnover your business experiences. Employee turnover is so frequently talked about yet rarely addressed for the sole reason that most businesses find it too hard to quantify.

Strategic onboarding

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An effective new-hire experience can contribute to an employee’s productivity and create value for the organization. Studies show that effective onboarding can improve retention rates by 52 percent, time to productivity by 60 percent, and overall customer satisfaction by 53 percent 1. For new hires, effective onboarding can increase both job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Despite this, the most common approaches to onboarding often fail.

Shocking Employee Turnover Statistics


We all know that employee turnover is a problem, but just how of a big of a problem is it? How much does turnover cost companies? The High Cost of Turnover. Due to this propensity for job-hopping, Millennial turnover costs the U.S. Millennial turnover costs the U.S. However, turnover is an issue across all generations in the labor force. Turnover can cost organizations anywhere from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary.

How to Boost Engagement and Retention Rates with Employee Journey Mapping

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That, of course, begs an important question: what can businesses do to minimize employee attrition by enhancing the experience of their employees? “Journey mapping” is a process that helps ensure each of those experiences, played out over time, is as positive as possible.

10 Employee Retention Metrics You Need to Know


Implementing a solid employee retention strategy is critical for any company. Let’s have a look at employee retention metrics that help improve employee retention at your organization. Contents What is employee retention? What is employee retention?

Onboarding: Your Connection Between Recruiting and Learning

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Top talent should be able to get what they deserve for their skills and experience. Less turnover. I’m not advocating for high turnover. But some turnover is good for business. In my experience, when recruiting gets tough, organizations might be reluctant to terminate employees for fear that they won’t be able to find a replacement for months. The way to do that is with onboarding. And we all know turnover is costly.

How To Reduce Employee Turnover with Workforce Analytics


With voluntary resignations at an all-time high and unemployment rates historically low, employee retention is a key objective for most HR organizations, and employee turnover is the single most prevalent HR metric. However, knowing your turnover rate does little to support strategic business plans. To achieve true insight, a more in-depth analysis of what’s causing turnover in different parts of the organization is required. HR analytics’ or ‘talent analytics’).

Turnover Rate: Reduce Yours in 8 Easy Steps


The category with the second-highest turnover rate is management consulting ; enterprise software follows close behind. With demand high, companies must go the extra mile to keep their talent. Why does turnover matter? Understanding Your Turnover Rate.