Transforming the supply chain for health care providers Part 2

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Eileen Radis , Lynn Gonsor , Paul Atkins , and Kurt Banas on January 15, 2020. . Supply chain analysts organized in an “analyst pool,” for example, could be flexibly deployed according to strategic priorities and in this way accelerate the execution of supply chain strategy.

Think Your Employees Are Burned Out? It’s Not Just Your Imagination

HR Daily Advisor

According to the survey, nearly half of HR leaders (46%) say employee burnout is responsible for up to half (20% to 50%, specifically) of their annual workforce turnover.

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Who Really Cares About Employer Branding?

China Gorman

The report: State of Employer Branding is part one a four-part 2020 Outlook series, based on responses from 2338 interviews conducted in the winter of 2014 in 18 different countries.

How to Make the Future of Work Human-Centered


Your employees must become the focal point – I would suggest the priority – for corporate strategies in 2020 if businesses are to effectively respond to such radical change. . This shift towards a renewed focus on talent management as a corporate initiative rather than the sole responsibility of HR requires employers to embrace several new perspectives, including: . How to Make the Future of Work Human-Centered.

2018 HCM Trends: Ceridian’s execs on working smarter, AI and the gig economy


There has been a significant shift away from a focus on annual engagement surveys to truly understanding the employee and workplace experiences. Moving to an always-on approach to feedback also requires senior leaders and HCM professionals to rethink the very nature of the survey process.

SocialChorus’ Webinar with New York Times Digital Guru, Cliff Levy


A two-time Pulitzer prize winner, he brought his dynamic insight into creating an internal communications strategy for our new multi-channel world. We like to use qualitative surveys, adding a callout at the very top of the page. Surveys helped us understand our audience.

The Power of Play: How To Get the Best Out of Gamification

NGA Human Resources

Over the past few years there have been numerous strategies and approaches to boost motivation, chief among them the concept of gamification. Gamification should rather be a part of the overall corporate culture. It is all a question of making gamification part of the overall strategy.