3 Typical Problems First-Time Managers Face—and How to Solve Them

The People Equation

In a webinar with over 900 first-time managers, The Ken Blanchard Companies asked people to list their biggest challenge when they made the leap from individual contributor. David Witt, Program Director for Blanchard, wrote about their responses in this LinkedIn article. Making the leap from “leading one’s self” to “leading others” is of keen interest to me, so I reached out to the Blanchard Companies for more information on their new program for first time managers.

How Annual Reviews Damage Engagement, Career Jumping, Organizing Your Office and Closing The Skills Gap #FridayFinds

Get Hppy

It’s March already (I feel like we’ve skipped a month) and it’s Employee Appreciation Day in the US! On behalf of our employee engagement and workplace happiness community, allow me to thank all the hardworking, enthusiastic and involved employees who’ve given their talent and their energy to create amazing projects, fulfill deadlines and drive business growth! Join us next week as we share more of our favorite articles.


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Designing Learning: Does 70:20:10 Still Work?


When it comes to learning and development in the workplace, it’s common to come across the 70:20:10 ratio. As you’ll recall, this ratio refers to the ideal balance of where workplace learning opportunities should come from when developing talent: 70 percent come from on-the-job experiences; 20 percent from social and informal learning opportunities; and. 10 percent from formal learning directly set up by the employer.

Bridging The Gap Between HR And Business Outcomes

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With the new technological advancements in people analytics, it’s becoming increasingly important for HR to strategically integrate with the business and operate efficiently. However, the success of these integrations has be measured by linking HR and business outcomes. In the past, HR was oftentimes thought of as an intuitive function. Earlier, when CEOs and CFOs talked, the conversation was based on solid data. Use people analytics to bridge the gap.

Jump into the Talent Pool

HR Daily Advisor

The solution? By Joanne Wells, Manager, Learning Center of Excellence, Halogen Software. Leaders looking to future-proof their organizations are using an integrated approach, incorporating succession planning at multiple career levels into the overall talent management strategy. The key to creating a future-proof succession plan is to use a data-driven process aligned with organizational strategy and to integrate it into the full cycle of talent management.

4 Ways Organizations Can Connect Talent Strategy to Business Strategy


The biggest waste of organizational resources, both in terms of time and dollars, is hiring the wrong employees , according to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review (HBR). The logic makes sense. When organizations hire the wrong individuals: Managers spend more time monitoring and correcting poor performance (versus coaching and recognizing good performance). The company can lose their recruiting, onboarding, training, and development investment.

The Best Halogen TalentSpace Blog Posts of 2016


We published a lot of great content this year on the Halogen TalentSpace Blog this year with topics ranging from learning to performance management , baseball to bad breath , and everything in between. With 145 posts published this year (including this one), we wanted to show off some of our best. Here are our five favorite articles from 2016! For the Love Of HR: Video. Read the post and watch the video here. Read the post here.

4 Best Practices for Passive Recruiting in Healthcare


Did you know that nearly 79 percent of the U.S. Not only do they have jobs, but they are also generally satisfied with their current position, Hire Velocity explains in an article. But if the right offer came along, a significant majority of these employees would be willing to talk with a recruiter and consider a new position.”. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016, the unemployment rate for the healthcare sector was only at 2.9

BBC and the need for people professionals first!

Strategic HCM

. As you''ll have probably seen, the sorry state of the BBC''s HR policies continues to make headlines (see my post on Engagement or Entwistle !) - particularly with this article in the Telegraph : . It''s official: Lucy Adams has killed off the HR profession once and for all. Lucy Adams could be the ''wicked witch'' that changed the face of HR forever. . You are not the nice lady from personnel; you are a member of this board.”.

6 tips to create agile performance management in your business


In recent years, the HR industry has seen an explosion of the buzz phrase “agile performance management”, a topic that dominated the conference scene throughout 2016. Hailed as the successor to the structured annual performance review, it’s being coined ‘the future of performance management’ by the likes of McKinsey , pwc , Harvard Business Review … need I go on? The reason for the shift lies in the growth of technology.

Welcome to the New Saba-Halogen Blog


You may have heard that back in May that Saba Software acquired Halogen Software. So, we’d like to officially welcome you to the new Saba-Halogen Blog where we’re serving up the same great talent management content you’ve come to expect from us, but with a fresh new look. Check out the new and improved @SabaSoftware Blog! Helping you move the needle on employee engagement and business performance.