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10 Ideas for Your Employee Incentive Program


When it comes to creating a more engaged workforce, nothing compares to a well-managed incentive and bonus program for employees. Employee Incentives for Maximum Productivity. This time of year can be the perfect time to take a closer look at your employee incentive plan and add some new perks to help maintain a high performance work environment. Offer on-site classes to earn industry certifications. Learn more at

Cafe Classic: Are Employees "Costs" or "Assets"?

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Such statements are usually a prelude to large executive bonuses, layoffs or plant closings. . Let’s take a look at the similarities between employee value and company brand. Jacque has the following certifications: CCP, GPHR, HCS and SWP as well as a B.S.

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Not All Rewards Jingle

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Pay is also frequently the most expensive and the least effective of all the positive consequences of behavior methods we have at our disposal. If dad wins a new flat screen TV, everyone can watch it. Plaques, certificates, framed pictures, etc., More than money counts.

The 5 Best Perks to Offer Through an Employee Referral Program


Measured across many different metrics, employee referrals are often hired faster, at a higher quality, and at a lower cost-per-hire than other sources. With the right giveaways or bonuses, you can motivate employees to send your company as many great candidates as possible. Whether you’re looking to build a new employee referral program or bolster your existing efforts, here’s a look at some of the most enticing perks your company can offer.

Employee Burnout Vs Great Company Culture: 5 Tips for the Tech Industry

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Moreover, working for tech giants is also about competitive pay scales and unique incentives. Having said that, we all know there are certain crunch periods when long hours are inevitable, in this case, allowing flexi-hours or opportunities to work from home can be great parallel incentives.

Comprehensive ‘Total Rewards’ Survey Details Employers’ Use of Various Programs

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This is the most comprehensive prevalence survey that WorldatWork has ever done, and it provides a broad look at what total rewards programs are being offered today,” said Alison Avalos, WorldatWork senior manager for research and certification, in announcing the results.