eBook Preview: Employee Onboarding Meets Your Overall Management Strategy


Don’t ignore the employee development phase. Shane Metcalf is a seasoned executive coach and speaker who is obsessed with building healthy organizations, and creating the opportunity for people to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

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Four reasons your emerging leaders need mentors


Especially as the competition for talent continues to intensify, companies would do well do strengthen their mentoring programs. The lack of personal development opportunities plays a major role in an employee’s decision to leave a company.

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Seven Top Skills Every Manager Needs to Lead a World Class Team


Over 67% of companies recognize the need to improve their development programs for these positions, but what skills should they be working to enhance? Here are seven key skills managers at all levels should possess to do their job well and develop a world class team: Leadership. Effective managers do not merely pass down what they are given from the C-suite, but develop a nuanced, dynamic approach towards their colleagues at all levels.

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Innovative Ways To Use Higher Education Diversity Programs


Talent development is crucial in any industry, and especially in higher ed. Careerminds’ team has the capability to train and develop higher education talent with its Leadership Development & Executive Coaching service.

What Is Performance Management? 5 Reasons Why It Matters

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So what can you do to engage your top talent, help them work smarter, and be more productive? An effective performance management process can help you unlock your talent’s full potential and turn your small business into a major threat to your biggest competitors.

6 Reasons You Should Automate Performance Reviews

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Effective performance review solutions also offer managers practical tools and advice on promoting employee achievements and coaching employees on a wide range of competencies. Automated performance review systems also enable your managers to stay up-to-date on employee progress and performance issues, so they can provide timely feedback and coaching to keep your employees on the right track. Your managers and employees are busy people.

Should You Start with Team Building to Increase Engagement?


When I worked at Lowe’s Home Improvement, I managed a talent development team that supported several departments. Develop ways to obtain permission to investigate and diagnose the root causes. Analyze a Team’s Dynamics Before Prescribing Solutions.

Rise of the Machines: Are Soft Skills HR’s Next Frontier?

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A recent survey by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) found that the top current and future skills gaps named were in communication, critical thinking, and managerial and supervisory skills—in other words, “soft” skills.

Try Strengthening Team Engagement with Psychological Safety


To develop a sense of team purpose, Herway recommends four questions to ask teams: What can we count on each other for? You can accomplish this by providing workshops and coaching.

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Book Review – Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Understanding the Workplace (5th ed.) by Paul E. Levy

Workplace Psychology

Note: I initially received the textbook in an ebook format, accessible via the VitalSource website or VitalSource Bookshelf software program that you download and install. I examined five topics: (1) training and development [Ch. The first topic is training and development.