100 Fun Office Games and Activities That Make Work Awesome


We have bimonthly “Flash Contests” with mini contests to inspire people to think about our company’s codes, i.e. send a story of a time when, “the client’s problem was your opportunity.” TINYpulse. Werewolf at TINYPulse HQ. Office Snack Time.

7 Easy Ways to Solve High Employee Turnover


When I Work's Chad Halvorson explained this phenomenon in his article on their blog: "Often time people feel they can’t really express themselves for fear of embarrassment or reprisal—even with open door policies in place.

17 Proven Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Create an Awesome Office


How many times have you heard a manager or executive say this: “It’s called work for a reason.”. Two of our favorites are TINYpulse and 15Five , software that makes it incredibly easy to survey your organization and gauge employee sentiment about anything under the sun.

35 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities For Work (“Trust Falls” Not Included)


A recent Gallup study found that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%, while people with a self-described best friend at work are seven times more likely to be fully engaged at work. Thanks @workshopsf and @therecoverie for the good times!