How OKR Helps Organizations Boost Job Satisfaction and Performance?


Happy customers – good customer retention rate. Decrease in employee turnover rate. One of the engaging characteristics of a performance management system/software is Objectives and Key Results. Sign-up for Demo.

The best employee engagement software for 2021

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Employee engagement software helps organizations measure employee sentiment so they can increase engagement and retention. Through surveys and data analysis, these platforms drive insights that can help companies reduce costly turnover and increase overall performance.


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Have You Invested In the Correct Performance Management Tool?


A performance management system should essentially include aspects such as performance review, goal-setting, employee feedback, rewards, and recognition. Why a Performance Management Tool? lower turnover than other organizations that offer annual or no feedback.

How Performance Management Has Changed In 2021?


But it has also resulted in an increase in the number of employees reporting burnout, stress, and anxiety. So most companies shifted to cloud-based applications or tools from the traditional approach. As a result, managers can identify their training and development needs easily.

24 HR Metrics to Track and Measure

Achievers - Recruiting

By tracking key HR metrics, you can see where your organization is strong and what needs improvement. Employee turnover. Employee turnover measures the number of employees who leave your company voluntarily or involuntarily during a certain time period. Retention rates by team.

Why Cultural and Core Values are Important to an Organization?


During mergers & acquisitions, the cultures of companies play a key role. Michele Hamill, CHRO at JAGGAER, a spend management solution. Glassdoor’s survey 2019, uncovers the correlation between culture and recruitment/retention. Culture eats strategy for breakfast.