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Employee Documentation and Record Keeping Requirements


While some businesses might try to cut corners when it comes to employee documentation and record keeping, there are some documents that are absolutely necessary. A lack of proper documentation and record keeping can lead to financial setbacks and even legal problems for companies.

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: A Technology Perspective


The employee onboarding process is no longer used just for administrative issues. It’s true that advanced software and automated technologies eliminate duplicate entries and streamline employee onboarding, but that’s just the beginning of the array of business and employee benefits that onboarding technology can deliver for your business or HR department. Designing a new employee checklist not only streamlines employee onboarding but also reassures new hires in multiple ways.

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A Guide to Properly Onboarding New Hires


Taking the time to properly onboard a new hire can mean the difference between retaining your new employee and re-advertising the position within months. Onboarding a new employee increases a company’s retention rates, reducing the risk of losing talent to competing interests and lowering hiring costs. What is Onboarding? Onboarding process new hires with the knowledge, skills, and expectations they need in order to succeed in their new position.

Is Your Time and Attendance Solution Delivering Results?


Not all time and attendance solutions are created equal. Perhaps you’re manually keeping track of time cards or your automated time and attendance system isn’t living up to your expectations. Either way, it might be time to make a change.

5 benefits Payroll software can deliver to HR

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As an HR professional, you usually don’t have to deal with payroll tasks beyond the basics when onboarding a new employee. Most HR software solutions have a payroll module that comes preloaded, but if yours doesn’t consider talking with your software vendor to see if it can be added on.

5 ways employees could be scamming your time and attendance system


What is time clock or time card fraud? Only now he’s an adult, and he’s trying to figure out a way to scam his company time sheets. When it comes to time clock fraud, even padding each work day with just a few extra minutes adds up. With overtime at the time-and-a-half rate of $15, you’re paying an extra $30 a week. The opportunity for time clock fraud exists and unfortunately some employees will try to profit from your loss.

4 Ways to Speed up Employee Onboarding and Drive Profit as a Result


Employee onboarding can make or break the success of your business. A recent study from Gallup found that only 12 percent of employees believe their employers have effective employee onboarding in place. We’ve outlined some key tips to streamline your employee onboarding below.

4 tips for managing payroll accurately


The recent American Payroll Association “Getting Paid In America ” survey revealed that 92 % of American employees are confident that their paychecks are accurate every pay period. Payroll mistakes can lead to complex issues beyond employee compensation and can be very costly for your company.

Facial Verification Feature Released on Mobile App!


Custom Documents: Employers can create custom documents and forms for an employee to fill out and E-sign during employee onboarding an employee, or for an existing employee. GET READY FOR YOUR CLOSE-UP!

HR TechStack – Onboarding Software


HR Onboarding Software Definition. New employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. Why Your Organization Needs a Solid Onboarding Software. The HR TechStack for Onboarding Software.

HR TechStack – Payroll Software


Payroll Software Definition. Payroll software is used by companies to streamline and automate employee payment and tax filing. It allows companies to easily perform and track their payroll processes. Payroll solutions ensure employees are paid timely and accurately.

Embrace Paperless – How FingerCheck360 is Replacing Countless Tasks & Paperwork


Built with your needs in mind, FingerCheck360 uses a simplified approach to business management, connecting services like HR/applicant tracking, employee onboarding, time tracking, and payroll within one system. . Paperless Time Tracking . Paperless Payroll Automation .

Can a payroll software be an effective HRMS?


In many cases – the only HR software that companies use is a payroll software. Their employee data is typically spread between their payroll software, spreadsheets, paper files, emails and documents stored on a shared folder. Features of a payroll software. Let us first try to understand what are the functionalities associated with a payroll software. Wikipedia defines Payroll Automation as the following set of activities. Document storage.

The Benefits of the Cloud for Multi-Location Businesses


Companies without an efficient employee time tracking system are forced to rely on email to share records, and must constantly be in contact to deliver reports and exchange data. The manual aspect of the process simply takes up too much time, effort, and energy.

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How to Evaluate Employee Onboarding Software - Sapling Blog


As your company scales, so must your employee onboarding process. Or, perhaps you’re using an employee onboarding platform that simply isn’t meeting your needs. Determine your goals The first step is to understand why you’re looking for new employee onboarding software.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Softwares


HR Onboarding Software Definition. New employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. Why Your Organization Needs a Solid Onboarding Software. The HR TechStack for Onboarding Software.

Union Payroll Processing: 3 Things to Know


Regardless of which side is chosen, this ruling puts an enormous burden on HR and payroll departments when it comes to the deductions they have to consider. Here are three important things to keep in mind when thinking about payroll processing for union workers: 1.

10 Great Things You Can Do with Fingercheck360


From hiring to payroll, your organization’s daily operations is made more efficient with Fingercheck360 at your service. After migrating new hires from hiring to onboarding, you can share paperless agreements with them. You can have these signed documents emailed to the employees upon activation. It also allows you to store human resource-related documents and attachments online so your team can have one system of record. . Have access to unlimited payroll runs.

Compliant Time Tracking: Getting It Right with Time Clocks


In a time when machines are learning and data is big, you need to finally trade in the pen-and-paper timesheet for a smart time tracking software solution. Why you NEED a time clock in your business. Why you WANT a time clock in your business. Real-time notifications.

The #1 Way Small and Medium Businesses Save Time


Think back to some of the most time-consuming activities you’ve undertaken for your business. A major study from earlier this year shows that small and medium sized business owners consistently underestimate the amount of time and energy required to run their HR functions in-house.

7 Ways HRMS Can Transform How Your HR Department

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And on top of it all, you still have to answer questions about payroll and keep up with compliance reporting. No one needs to tell you that your time and energy are valuable. Whether you’re doing everything on pen and paper or using specialized software for recruiting or training, it’s time to consider a change. If you haven’t heard about HRMS, now is the time to check out the technology that can streamline HR and help you take back your day.

How to Find the Perfect HR Payroll Systems: Top 10 Things to Look For


HR teams spend nearly 70% of their time on inefficient administrative tasks, some of which are still paper-based. In short, an HRIS (human resource information system) solution saves you money and time. Onboarding. which saves time and reduces errors. Time and Attendance.

Employee Self-Service: What is It and Why Should I Get It?


Using FingerCheck self-service, you can reduce your involvement in employee administration and empower your employees to self-manage their own time and attendance. . Time and Attendance. Manually enter time entries (if enabled by supervisor/administrator) . Payroll.

5 Signs It’s Time to Partner with a New Hiring Platform


Your people are your top source of competitive advantage and if your current hiring platform isn’t helping you staff qualified employees, it’s time to reevaluate the system you have in place and consider working with a new partner. . Below, we’ve outlined several signs it’s time for your team to consider tapping into a new hiring platform in 2020 – along with what to look for in the right partner. .

Ask the Expert: Can Employees Complete Personal Administrative Tasks Off the Clock?

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and not pay them for that time? What about if employees complete annual enrollment benefit paperwork at home on their own time? Or logging in to a time and attendance software system remotely to request time off or approve a time sheet?

Why Dealership Employee Onboarding Should be Like Delivering a Vehicle


Your team should think of dealership employee onboarding as similar to vehicle delivery – you want new employees to be just excited about getting started on your team as new customers are driving out of your lot with their vehicles. Complete Digital Onboarding Before Day One .

Case Study: Baptist Bible College


In need of more robust HR & payroll technology to handle their complex needs, Baptist Bible college discovered an expert partner in Paycor. “In In our industry, keeping up with payroll, taxes and compliance is very challenging. Manual onboarding process. Onboarding.

Case Study: Price Brothers, Inc.


A need for robust reporting tools and a modern HR and payroll platform with onboarding capabilities led Price Brothers, Inc., left their payroll provider. Manual onboarding. Automated payroll. Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding. Onboarding.

Case Study: Meeder Investment Management


Adding Paycor Recruiting , Onboarding and Learning Management to their HR process helped Meeder Investment Management save time and increase employee engagement. “I And then I click a button and all the [new hire] information seamlessly transfers to payroll. ”. Onboarding.

The Role Technology Plays Within Your Recruitment Process


With HR automated solutions under the talent management umbrella, employers can find an array of modules or solutions that can help to enhance the recruiting process , onboarding, performance management, learning management and succession planning. Talent bench diversifies over time.

HR Outside the Box: Technology that is Transforming the Workplace

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There has never been a better time to be an HR professional. Onboarding is an essential part of the employee life cycle and is a key factor for retention. Onboarding is more than paperwork; from first impression to socializing the new employee, the focus should be on the people part of onboarding, not the paperwork. Does the HRIS, payroll platform, on-line benefits portal and time and attendance system integrate? Real-time engagement matters.

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Case Study: Detroit Zoological Society


Paycor treats us as a partner, not a client" - Robert Schumaker, Director of Finance Why the Detroit Zoological Society Left Their HR and Payroll Provider. Onboarding involved printing binders for each employee and collecting stacks of paperwork. Electronic onboarding solution.

Make Sense of HR Technology Options Available For Your Business


Human resources technology has transformed how organizations manage all aspects of HR, from recruiting and retention to payroll and grievances. spend over $5 trillion on payroll, benefits, and other employee programs. In a market where most job postings attract thousands of candidates, creating an applicant shortlist without automated assistance is a laborious, time-consuming task.

Empower Your Workforce Through Employee Self-Service


As HR and Payroll software continues to grow in both prevalence and popularity, the phrase employee self-service , commonly referred to as ESS, is becoming more well-known. ESS is a feature that allows employees to manage their own personal information and complete administrative tasks from anywhere, at any time. The best HR & Payroll software vendors utilize the power of ESS throughout their entire solution. Onboarding. Time & Attendance.

The top 10 processes for HR automation


Today, many companies rely on enterprise content management software to help human resource managers to reduce the amount of time that the various duties take. Because human resources jobs are document& form driven, human resources management professionals are increasingly relying on a combination of enterprise HCM software with HR automation to make their departments more efficient and to save money. How do you know when it’s time for HR automation?

Case Study: County Fire Protection


As County Fire Protection grows, the need for a payroll and HR solution that intuitively merged acquired systems was paramount. Manual applicant tracking and onboarding. Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding. Time & Attendance. Onboarding.

Case Study: CertaSite


As CertaSite grows, the need for a payroll and HR solution that intuitively merged acquired systems was paramount. Manual applicant tracking and onboarding. Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding. Time & Attendance. Onboarding.