4 Ideas to Promote a Learning Culture

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Culture refers to the habits, thinking, beliefs, and customs of a group or society. When applied to learning and development, it refers to the values, processes, and organizational behavior that encourages employees to continually increase their knowledge and improve their performance.

The History of Fistful of Talent, aka FOT (My Other Site).

The HR Capitalist

KD thought about naming it what he wanted anyway, then did what so many dictators do – grudgingly giving the masses what they demanded to prevent revolt, while pledging to work in as many Entourage references as possible.

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4 Ways Organizations Can Connect Talent Strategy to Business Strategy


While the HBR article references hiring, imagine the organizational impact of hiring the right person and not giving them the tools to be successful. I hope you’ll join me during Halogen Software’s TalentSpace Live conference for a discussion about connecting talent and business strategies.

3 Tips to Help Employees Prepare for Conversations About Their Performance

HR Daily Advisor

by Anita Bowness, global practice leader, Business Consulting, Halogen Software. Can you guess which side I’m referring to?

Designing Learning: Does 70:20:10 Still Work?


As you’ll recall, this ratio refers to the ideal balance of where workplace learning opportunities should come from when developing talent: 70 percent come from on-the-job experiences; 20 percent from social and informal learning opportunities; and.

ROAR Uncovers the Secret to Organizational Resiliency


This Halogen customer is also incredibly successful at creating a culture where employees love their jobs and are inspired to high performance. We want these key cultural elements to remain top of mind for every leader and employee, and we use Halogen to support that accountability.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Softwares


HR Onboarding Software Definition. Why Your Organization Needs a Solid Onboarding Software. Here are some numbers that show how important it is to have a smooth & effective onboarding process and thus access to a solid tool or software for the same. Halogen TalentSpace.