Quick Shots for #Recruiting Pros and #JobSeekers – Job References Edition

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Take job references for example. A couple of weeks ago, the manager asked for my references and I provided them. All of my references have confirmed that they spoke with the company but I haven’t heard anything yet. Selecting the best job references makes a difference.

Don’t Contact My Boss for a Job Reference – Ask #HR Bartender

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We’ve talked about the job reference before on HR Bartender, but this is a new situation. Although I quit my last job, my boss and I did not leave on the best of terms, and I would not want her to be a reference for me. Job references are about accuracy and professionalism.

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Job References Are Out of Date – Ask #HR Bartender

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When it comes to providing job references , I’m a bit torn. On the other hand, I’ve always thought that your references will all say that you’re perfect, so why bother? There are still plenty of companies that ask for references. References should be people you’ve worked with.

Are Companies Obligated to Write Reference Letters – Ask #HR Bartender

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If an employee’s current manager refuses to provide a letter of reference, even if employee is in good standing, is that an EEOC violation ? Are reference letters, recommendations, and endorsements considered the same thing? I’m glad you brought up employee reference policies.

Just Released – Our 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report

recruiter’s background, areas of expertise, experiences, and references. • REFERENCES 1 [link] 2 [link]. link] 25 / REFERENCES 10,000+ HIGHLY. 2018 THIRD-PARTY RECRUITING BENCHMARK REPORT THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION OF. INDUSTRY TRENDS IN CRITICAL. HIRING FROM THE WORLD’S LEADING.

Technology is Turning Reference Checks Into Assessments

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As I discussed in “ Using References as a Screening Tool ,” technology has given the old sport of reference checking a new life. Performance & Personality Reference Checks Screening & Assessment

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Using References As a Screening Tool

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One potentially underutilized source of good information is references. Most companies use reference checking towards the end of the recruiting process and often it’s mainly to ensure there isn’t some derailer they’ve overlooked. Reference Checks Talent Acquisition HR technology

5 Ways to Check References to Avoid Toxic Employees

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Have you ever attempted to check references before hiring, and run into a brick wall with the former employer giving you only name, title, and date of employment? On the other hand, the former employer may give a glowing reference.

How many job references?


Is your recruiter able to reach the 2 job references you provided? How many job references should I provide? We landed a job offer and the hiring company is going to check your job references. Today, I want us to think about providing more than the ho-hum, standard 2-3 job references that the hiring company requested. The post How many job references? Congrats!

Minnesota State Selects SkillSurvey’s Online Reference Checking Solution


News diversity higher education news coverage reference checking retention sourcing passive candidatesMinnesota State selects SkillSurvey to help improve recruiting efficiency and quality of hire to better support its 375,000 students.

Are You Checking References? (15 Critical Questions to Ask)


Do you check references before making a hiring decision on a candidate? Even when you find an applicant with a shining resume who gives a perfect interview, it is critical follow up with references! References can … hiring references


13 Signs of Inefficient Recruiting

With each new candidate, there comes a new set of data that we like to refer to as “recruiting. references, never waste time writing those repetitive recruiting emails again.

Job Reference follow up


Job reference follow up You would be surprised how many candidates unintentionally burn bridges with their references after the job was landed. Today’s post is part three in a series of three posts on the topic of handling our references: how to strengthen the bond between us the candidate and our reference. The post Job Reference follow up appeared first on HRNasty. A beautiful gesture!

6 Questions You Should Ask a Candidate’s References

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Employee Engagement & Retention Hiring, Selection, Onboarding interviewing hiring interviews interview tips employee retention referencesBy Jillian Phipps.

Better Reference Checking Is A Step To Ending Bad Behavior

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Discrimination Diversity Hiring Process Legal - Compliance & Policies Reference Checks Featured gender diversity

99 Reasons to Rethink Reference Checking


Get 99 reasons to rethink reference checking and how to incorporate an automated, online solution into your hiring process. Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Quality of Hire all industries assessments hiring managers hiring trends reference checking soft skills

Debunking Some of the Myths of Reference Checking


SkillSurvey’s Chief Analytics Officer weighs in with research to debunk some reference checking myths. Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Quality of Hire all industries assessments hiring managers hiring trends reference checking soft skills

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who prefer the less formal terminology may refer to these as guidelines. usually referring to the 50th percentile. This is your crash course in the compensation. language. Find all the terms you need to. master any compensation conversation. You’ll. be ‘comp’letely fluent in no time.

my boss will give me a bad reference

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: What do you do when your current manager has shown he or she will purposefully give unflattering references to leaving employees? The potential employer contacted him anyway, and our manager purposefully gave an unflattering reference. (My Should I give thank-you gifts to my references? You may also like: can you ask a reference what they said about you? outside references

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Hospitals that Use SkillSurvey’s Reference Platform Continue to Experience Better HCAHPS Ratings


Study shows hospitals that use SkillSurvey Reference have higher HCAHPS ratings in areas that measure patient satisfaction. News assessments behavioral competencies healthcare news coverage reference checking soft skills

Study 47

Qualitative Feedback from Confidential Reference Checks


SkillSurvey Analytics Team publishes peer-reviewed research supporting the reliability of qualitative feedback provided during confidential reference checks. The post Qualitative Feedback from Confidential Reference Checks appeared first on SkillSurvey. News assessments behavioral competencies news coverage reference checking talent analytics

Reference Check Tips to Avoid Bad Hires


Reference Check it Out. By the time you've interviewed your candidate, they've surely provided you with some references who can testify to their professional abilities. Next, conduct back channel references. reference check avoid bad hires

Your Hidden Weapon: 9 Best Practices for Working with Third-Party Recruiters

ASK FOR REFERENCES Finally, ask if you can get testimonials from. have a reference handy. / 1 / MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR RECRUITING PARTNERSHIP: 9 BEST PRACTICES FOR WORKING.

Top Tips For Reference Check Questions


The process of verifying the professional background information of a potential employee based on the candidate’s professional and personal references prevents or limits the risk of hiring an incorrect individual for an organisation. By speaking to the references, you have the scope to gather more information pertaining to the individual and his or her work ethics. Here is a list of selected reference check questions which you may ask during the verification process.

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Stuff The Capitalist (aka KD) Likes: TLC References at Work.

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For effective use of TLC quotes at work, see the video below (email subscribers click through for video) from The Other Guys , with Michael Keaton using TLC references to Will Ferrel's growing displeasure. Please use TLC references at work responsibly Who am I? Who cares?

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Healthcare: Reference Checks that Support Compliance with EEOC Guidelines


Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Quality of Hire diversity healthcare reference checkingHealthcare organizations using SkillSurvey are making better hiring decisions while remaining compliant with EEOC guidelines.

Thousands of Job References Weigh In: Entry-Level Job Candidates Should Focus on Being Better Communicators


SkillSurvey Analytics Team’s recent study identifies the top areas for improvement for entry-level job candidates based on reference feedback. News assessments behavioral competencies news coverage reference checking soft skills

The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

Commonly referred to as an “ATS” an Applicant Tracking System provides you with a centralized database to track and manage your candidates, organize your hiring.

The Big Reference Check Scam!


Reference checks are the perfect scam. But, ask yourself this question: When was the last time you didn’t hire someone based on their reference check And not just any scam, but a scam that everyone is in on.


SkillSurvey Launches Texting to Enhance and Speed Communications between Recruiters, Job Candidates and Their References


New texting capabilities available within SkillSurvey Reference allow recruiters, job candidates and their references to communicate via text messaging. The post SkillSurvey Launches Texting to Enhance and Speed Communications between Recruiters, Job Candidates and Their References appeared first on SkillSurvey. News all industries hiring trends news coverage reference checking

Secrets to Reference Checking Success


If reference checking at your company means sitting at your desk waiting for the phone to ring, here’s a secret: There’s a much, MUCH better way! In this infographic, see how easy it can be to get higher response rates AND better feedback from references.

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Management 101: The 3 Cardinal Rules of Reference Checks

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I get calls on a regular basis to provide formal and informal references on people in my industry. First things first: Reference checks are not background checks. Reference checks are subjective. Reference checks are what you do when you want to know if someone is a jerk.

There’s Not a Skills Gap in the U.S… or Is There?

/ 1 / WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND THE. EMPLOYMENT SKILLS GAP BOUNTYJOBS.COM WORLD’S LEADING RECRUITER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM W P / 2 / 2 Want to stir things up next. time you find yourself. chatting with your colleagues. in talent acquisition? Mention. the skills gap.

California State University Chooses SkillSurvey’s Online Reference Checking Solution to Increase Recruiting Efficiency


CSU (California State University) has chosen SkillSurvey’s reference checking and sourcing solutions to increase recruiting and hiring efficiency. News higher education news coverage reference checking

Top Five Reasons You Should Rethink Reference Checking


Build Talent Pipeline Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Lower Turnover Quality of Hire all industries assessments hiring managers hiring trends reference checking retention soft skillsThere are a million reasons to switch to SkillSurvey’s online refence checking. We breakdown the top five.

Reference Checking is Even Easier Now for Engaging Volunteers, Interns and Gig Workers


Enhancements to our reference checking solution will help employers get critical insights on volunteers, interns and other gig workers. Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies all industries assessments reference checking

Study: Top RN Strengths and Areas of Improvement Cited in Reference Comments


SkillSurvey research explores how reference feedback on RN strengths and areas of improvement help predict nurse turnover. Hiring and Recruiting Lower Turnover Quality of Hire assessments employee turnover healthcare reference checking retention

Study 50

Stop Performing Back Channel References, Immediately


Previously, on the Entelo blog, we’ve trumpeted the value of performing back channel references on prospective hires, even going so far as to call it Advanced Candidate Sourcing. Interviewing reference check

Concerned with Nurse Retention? SkillSurvey Finds that Reference Feedback Helps to Predict RN Turnover


SkillSurvey's research finds that reference feedback can help predict nurse turnover. News employee turnover healthcare news coverage reference checking retentionConcerned with nurse retention?


The Skills Gap: Another Reason to Switch to Online Reference Checking


See how online reference checking can help your organization fill the skills gap by gaining a more accurate assessment of a job candidate’s hard and soft skills. Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Quality of Hire Soft Skills all industries assessments corporate hr hiring trends reference checking soft skills talent analytics

True or False: Reference Checking and Legal Risks


We all know reference checking can be time consuming, and without a good process in place, you can’t count on good results. Recruiters, who typically spend hours trying to get in touch with references, will tell you that response rates are a big problem.

Management 101: The 3 Cardinal Rules Of Reference Checks

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can I discipline a job candidate who no-showed, I’m getting reference fatigue, and more

Ask a Manager

Is there a limit to how many references it’s reasonable to give for one person? Is there a limit to the number of references it is reasonable to give for a person? One of my former direct reports is having trouble finding a job, and I’ve given at least a dozen references, either by phone or in writing, in the last four months since they left their (two-year, part-time) position here. Can I gently suggest they try using other references?