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Now We’re Cooking: Restaurant Hiring Software Combats Industry Struggles

Netchex HR Blog

In a highly competitive industry known for high turnover, an understaffed restaurant is doomed. If your staffing problems seem tougher than extinguishing a grease fire, then you may just need better tools—like restaurant hiring software. Even so, “business as usual” has always meant high turnover in food service.

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Take Care of the HR Prep Work with Restaurant Onboarding Software

Netchex HR Blog

Restaurant management technology has come a long way since order wheels first appeared in kitchen windows. One place where restaurants can further improve efficiency is welcoming and training new employees with efficient and easy-to-use restaurant onboarding software. Why is Onboarding So Complicated in Restaurants?


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How to Measure the Success of Your Onboarding Program

Essium HRM

A company’s onboarding program ideally sets up new hires for success. However, not all onboarding programs are created equal, and it’s often challenging for organizations to determine if theirs is hitting the right marks or falling short. Here are some metrics that can help you measure the success of your onboarding program.

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5 Software Solutions to Automate HR Processes


In this article, we will explore five custom software solutions designed to automate various HR processes and drive continuous improvement in organizational culture and performance. It supports document management and integrates with other HR systems for seamless information flow.

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Crucial HR KPIs you need to make data-driven decisions

Business Management Daily

How effective is your hiring process? By keeping track of essential HR metrics like employee turnover rate, time to fill, and recruitment costs — you’ll have a solid grasp of your strengths and top areas for improvement. All businesses can use KPIs, as they’re simply metrics that measure your performance. How is that?

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How to Hire a Chief HR Officer to Drive Business Success


Conversely, hiring the wrong CHRO can lead your organization down the wrong path in its’ HR strategy. When seeking to hire the right CHRO, prioritize alignment, cultural compatibility, and leadership prowess. Hiring a CHRO with all the right skills, but who doesn’t match your organization’s culture can lead to an unsuccessful match.

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How To Set Your Recruitment Goals In 2024

Analytics in HR

Today’s hiring teams are under intense pressure to raise the bar. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to use SMART recruitment and talent acquisition goals to get the edge by setting – and achieving – your hiring targets. Quality of hire : Improve the quality of hires by assessing performance and cultural fit.