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PeopleStrategy® Launches Next Gen Product Update


PeopleStrategy, Inc.® , a provider of comprehensive, Cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, recently launched a major product release, featuring configurable navigation for administrators, simplified payroll processing and other notable enhancements.

HR Can be Dangerous with the Right Technology!


That is a lot, especially when your job requirements also include making sure day-to-day employee management tasks (i.e. onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance, performance) are completed accurately and on time.

5 ways to experience #CeridianINSIGHTS through social media


By Cali Yakaback, Social Media Marketing Manager, Ceridian. This year’s event will be the biggest and best yet featuring over 160 educational sessions, product demos, 30 customer speakers and 2,000 attending HCM professionals!

How to Give Your Employees a Raise Using the FLSA Overtime Rule Amendment


Employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek of at least one and one-half times their regular rates of pay. This gives you plenty of time to prepare. Accurate attendance tracking.

Payroll Solution That Ensures 100% Statutory Compliance and Regulation


Many organizations manage this process in-house while some look for professional service providers. According to the 2017 NGA Payroll Complexity Index , payroll complexity is impacted by key factors such as managing payroll and employee data, security and control in an ever more complex tax and legal landscape. Statutory compliance refers to the legal framework which organizations must abide by, with respect to the treatment of their employees.

Innovation, high performance, and diversity

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After 2,022 market transactions, Columbia University Professor Levine and his colleagues observed that some of the clusters only made a few pricing errors and traded accurately about 65 percent of the time. However, other clusters regularly overpriced, created pricing bubbles and traded accurately only 40 percent of the time. Too many approaches and a group will lose productivity as they spend time understanding another team member’s point of view.

Previewing Ultimate’s Live Webcast: Analyzing HCM in the “Real Cloud” with Nucleus Research

Ultimate Software

With respect to HR technology, that means leveraging all-in-one solutions that not only help us to streamline complex or time-consuming tasks, but also present us with meaningful data to make better, more informed decisions. Eastern time.

What Are #HR Analysts and Why Should You Pay Attention To Them

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As a blogger, I’ve been fortunate to participate in events that I would not normally have attended when I was an HR Generalist. During those events, I learn about the companies, the products and services they provide, and how they meet the needs of human resources professionals.

Everything #HR Needs to Know About Machine Learning

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Every time I see it, I’m reminded about how robots are becoming a greater part of our workplace. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Kronos’ new next generation workforce management solution called Workforce Dimensions. We keep hearing stories about how robots are going to replace humans.

Kronos 373

Top 5 HCM software tips to benefit your business


That’s why integrated HR technology has become a popular solution for helping businesses save time, money and frustration. The most basic HR technology systems are usually referred to as HRIS (human resources information systems) or HRMS (human resources management systems). HCM, or human capital management, is the most comprehensive type of HR technology. Benefits management and open enrollment information. You’ll save time.

Different HRIS Systems and their comparison with benefits


You tend always to lose track of time and never get enough done on time despite having enough time. As time goes on, you might have to depend on the use of sticker notes to remind and keep tracks of all activities. What is Human Resource Management System (HRMS)?

Exhibitor Excellence Defined

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The 2018 SHRM Annual Conference will be the 10 th straight that I’ve had the pleasure of attending. We are all attending the SHRM Annual Conference for the same reasons: … to Learn, Grow and Thrive! I started attending every HR-related seminar I could.

Here’s How to Get Employees to Use New HR Tech


Influence in HR technology comes from many places, takes many forms and continues to evolve over time. Some have more of a direct and immediate effect on products, while others have a more subtle yet longer-term impact. Director of Product Management.

Skillsoft and SumTotal- the No Compromise Corporate Learning Solution


Now I get to attend Human Capital Management (HCM) conferences all over the world, giving me the opportunity to meet with some fantastic companies and discuss the strategies and challenges that exist in the human capital arena. At the time I worked hard to make those two products and companies work together as one solution. Invariably issues cropped up in the initial implementation or at times when content libraries needed refreshing.

Event Recap: Key Takeaways from Elevate 2017


Elevate 2017 , Hireology’s inaugural retail automotive human capital management summit, is officially a wrap. Focusing on effective talent management will separate the top dealerships, dealership groups and OEMs from the rest of the pack.

Top HR Software – 2019 Reviews & Pricing


Human resources refer to people with a variety of skills in charge of the workforce of an office, company or any private establishment. With this, the manager can also assign tasks, evaluate progress and even award the best performer. Payroll Management.

HR TechStack – Workforce Management


Workforce Management Software Definition. Workforce Management software helps organizations plan, manage, and track employee work, including labor requirements, employee schedules, and paid time off (PTO). Track employee attendance and workforce competencies.

11 Things You Need to Know About Generation Z


Organizations, human resource leaders, and managers will need to learn about, and fully understand, this unique generation especially since they may be the solution to the never-ending talent attraction and talent retention challenge.

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HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


It helps organizations establish employee performance standards and enables managers to evaluate employees’ job performance in relation to these standards. Performance management systems are used to manage employee progress, performance, and development in relation to organizational goals.

HR TechStack – Payroll Software


Payroll solutions ensure employees are paid timely and accurately. These products help HR and accounting teams automate payroll processes to save time and ensure accurate bookkeeping. Payroll tools are often part of a larger compound core HR product or an HR management suite.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Software


In Fortune 500 companies, it has been estimated that 500,000 new managers transition into new roles or companies each year. Managers begin new jobs every 2 to 4 years on average. Managing people in today’s working environment requires agility, accuracy and visibility.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Bookmark this page and refer to it during the conference if you need someone’s Twitter ID. Josh_Bersin : Corporate Talent, HR, & Learning Analyst, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, research and advisory firm focused on management, leadership, HR tech. By night, I manage a family.

HCM, HRMS and HRIS: 5 HR software misconceptions debunked


Although these three terms are sometimes referred to as three distinct types of HR technology, each with separate offerings, there’s really no gold standard for defining them. But, with such loosely defined specs, how can you discern between the different HR technology platforms available to you when it comes time to make a decision? Here’s how that looks: 1980s – 1990s: Human resources information systems (HRIS) were introduced to help with core HR processes.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Softwares


In Fortune 500 companies, it has been estimated that 500,000 new managers transition into new roles or companies each year. Managers begin new jobs every 2 to 4 years on average. Managing people in today’s working environment requires agility, accuracy and visibility.

HR TechStack – Applicant Tracking Systems


An applicant tracking system (ATS) manages the recruiting process by collecting and organizing applicant information. By using an ATS, recruiters reduce the time spent reading resumes and screening potential applicants. Manage candidates within a custom workflow.

The Bamboo Project Blog: We Need More Passion for the Work, Not the Organization

The Bamboo Project Blog

" Cares a lot about his career path in the company; focused on getting management recognition. To find out if someone is passionate about what they do, Kathy suggests a four-question test: When was the last time you read a trade/professional journal or bookrelated to your work?

The Bamboo Project Blog: 5 Reasons You Dont Need Training

The Bamboo Project Blog

Staff have often developed work-arounds that take them closer to their goals or that can be done more quickly and it is these work-arounds that management doesnt like. " And in most organizations, theres no time for "nice to know."