21 HR tools designed for growing companies


To aid your search, we assembled a few promising tools for some of the most important HR techniques, like recruiting, performance management, employee training and employee engagement. HireVue : A video interviewing platform that supports standardized interviews and uses machine learning to predict future performance. Support performance management. Managers can ask employees questions, run short polls, comment on answers and set objectives.

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33 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2017


It’s a great way to call out employee accomplishments that otherwise may go unnoticed, and it also empowers employees to recognize each other for accomplishments, as opposed to management always being the only ones providing recognition.”. Equipping all managers with a “Best Loved Employees” toolkit for handing out staff appreciation awards. HR Manager, Laura Hughes explains how they do employee appreciation: “Find out what forms of recognition resonate most with staff members.