How Recruitment Marketing Strategy Can Improve Candidate Experience

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How vital is candidate experience to a company’s recruitment marketing strategy? Look no further than a Talent Board study that listed the top three reasons candidates end the application process: […].

Transform Recruitment Marketing Conference is Back for June 2019!!! @Smashfly

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Smashfly Transform is the bold community that’s impressively grown from 200 at the first-ever Recruitment Marketing Conference in Boston in 2016 to more than 10,000 strong across the globe today. Attendees are the rebels, the early adopters who want to transform the Talent Acquisition industry. Brings together this unique segment of thinking in TA to create better, smarter experiences through recruitment marketing, technology, and innovation.


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How to Future-Proof Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy and Attract Top Talent


Qualified talent is in high demand, as job creation is growing two times faster than the available talent pool. Your employees are ultimately responsible for driving your productivity, profitability and customer experience. If you’re already struggling to staff with quality employees given the tight labor market, now is the time to focus on your recruitment marketing strategy – so you can have the right team in place now and prepare your business for any economic shifts.

The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing


Recruitment marketing is changing the way large enterprise organizations recruit and engage candidates. In this guide, we will introduce the market trends that are driving the need for an agile and engaging approach to candidate engagement.

Recruitment Marketing: More Than Revamping Your Career Sites

Speaker: Matt Alder, Host & Producer, The Recruiting Future Podcast.

Talent acquisition functions are fixated on developing an authentic employer brand. However, that's not the be-all and end-all. When it comes to attracting candidates, you need to have targeted recruitment content at every stage of the candidate journey where they may interact with your company - your careers page, job descriptions, and social media.Join Matt Alder, Producer and Host of The Recruiting Future Podcast, to learn how to refresh your recruitment marketing efforts and set yourself apart from competitors.

Phenom Raises $100 Million for Its Recruitment Marketing Platform Focused on Experience


Launched in 2010, Phenom delivers a recruitment marketing platform with […]. The post Phenom Raises $100 Million for Its Recruitment Marketing Platform Focused on Experience appeared first on WorkTech by LAROCQUE, LLC.

TransfoRM Recruitment Marketing Conference! Sign Up Today!

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The World’s largest Recruitment Marketing Conference is Back for 2021! Torin Ellis – my friend and who I believe is the top Diversity Recruitment Strategist in the world, will be dropping his amazing knowledge on us!

The Recruiter Texting Rules!

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I was having a conversation recently with some recruiters about texting candidates. For the most part, in recruiting, we’ve gotten to this point where we believe every candidate prefers texting over every other kind of communication. The Recruiter Texting Rules: Rule No.

How Organizational Storytelling Is A Recruitment Marketing Competitive Advantage

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Reading Time: 4 minutes This piece on how organizational storytelling and recruitment marketing work together to engage candidates is an excerpt from our download, The Complete Guide to Organizational Storytelling. Blog Post Recruitment Marketing Videos

Investing in Recruitment Marketing?

China Gorman

“Over 70% of companies are planning to invest in solutions with recruitment marketing capabilities over the next 12 months.”. This is one of the opening quotes in Aptitude Research ’s Recruitment Marketing Index 2017 , a comprehensive review of the world of recruitment marketing. The report, focused on providing essential information to enable the understanding of the recruitment marketing vendor space, doesn’t rank providers.

What is Recruitment Marketing and how should employers use it


Recruitment management can be defined as the process of finding new employees. Businesses place job ads to locate new talent, review resumes, and invite potential candidates for interviews. On paper, the recruiting process looks simple. HR Trends Talent Management

Recruitment Marketing is the Missing Piece of Your Recruiting Strategy

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Recruiting the best talent is critical to the success of your organization. Boosted by expanding budgets, greater transparency, and unique employee benefits offerings, the recruiting world has evolved into a cutthroat, candidate-driven market. Social recruiting.

Award-Winning Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Content

Stories Incorporated

Stories Incorporated is proud to have developed award-winning recruitment marketing and employer branding content for some of the world’s leading brands. Upon winning the Rally Award for Best Recruitment Marketing Video, for “The Women of Dell,” our partner contact said: . “We

Best Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Blogs and Newsletters 

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The best employer branding blogs and recruitment marketing newsletters provide insights and inspiration you won’t find anywhere else. However, we also cover how to tell stories effectively to all audiences and content marketing best practices. . Recruiting News Network.

What Good Recruitment Marketing Looks Like

Blu Ivy Group

With job openings and recruitment marketing efforts at a record high and key indicators pointing to a looming Great Resignation , employers are facing a competitive labor market unlike any we’ve seen before. A Brand That Knows Itself – Authentic Recruitment Marketing.

Great recruitment marketing content opportunities

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Great recruitment marketing content opportunities exist when our companies offer something candidates want, that they can’t find just anywhere. Here are four recruitment marketing opportunities (with employee story examples!) Did you hear that, recruitment marketers?

Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing

Employment Metrix

In today’s world, most everyone is stepping into their careers with a college degree and the best experiences in internships, special projects, and volunteer work. So, it can be difficult for companies to attract and eventually hire the hardest working and most talented candidates.

What Is Recruitment Marketing Automation: 4 Practices You Should Follow


Recruitment marketing automation allows you to automate and streamline repetitive tasks in the recruitment process. Effective recruitment marketing automation will help your HR team save time by taking time-consuming tasks off of their hands.

RallyFwd Recap: Forward-Thinking Recruitment Marketing Strategies

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RallyFwd brings together thousands of recruitment marketing professionals for presentations packed with forward-thinking recruitment marketing strategies that level up employer branding skills. Economic Conditions Impacting the 2022 Labor Market.

Reinventing Employee Spotlights for recruitment marketing and employee recognition

Stories Incorporated

has reinvented the employee spotlight for recruitment marketing and employee engagement, recognition and retention. And yet, employee stories are the best recruitment marketing content, and the very best way to communicate what sets you apart to candidates.

5 Ways to Provide a Great Digital Experience for Customers

Professional Alternatives

They are eager for a digital experience in their dealings with suppliers. Industrial Firms and The Digital Experience. . Many industrial businesses have actually lagged behind more consumer-facing enterprises when it comes to the digital experience.

15 Examples of Recruitment Marketing Platforms [Used by 500 Top Employers]


Below is a list of 15 recruitment marketing platforms used by 500 U.S.-based Our list of 15 recruitment marketing tools includes only the software that Ongig can track and verify. 15 Recruitment Marketing Platforms. Symphony Talent (SmashflyX).

Recruitment Marketing: The Ultimate Guide


Recruitment marketing is vital to talent acquisition. In this guide I share a primer on recruitment marketing with hopefully-helpful tips, including: My definition of recruitment marketing. The 6 stages of the recruiting funnel. 4 recruitment marketing strategies. The 3 major benefits you’ll see from effective recruitment marketing. What is Recruitment Marketing? Recruiting widgets.

How to communicate company culture changes: Recruitment marketing tips


This frustration can be costly on both sides – increased time to hire, less suitable talent, and reduced candidate engagement are among the big risks you may stumble over. So what can you do to avoid scaring off stellar candidates and bring great talent to your company’s threshold?

6 Recruitment Marketing Trends Changing Talent Acquisition


It’s a very exciting time to be a talent acquisition professional: Talent acquisition is becoming more strategic, adding new responsibilities and investing in new technologies. It’s not just about hiring talent, it’s about measuring and predicting business impact. We really are transforming the way we find and attract talent, inspired by core marketing best practices like branding, nurture, content marketing and lead generation. Measure Like Marketers.

Transform 2020 Recruitment Marketing Conference Recap

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For over five years now, Transform has brought together the brightest in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing with the goal of transforming an industry. ’s complete Transform 2020 Recruitment Marketing Conference recap. Reading Time: 11 minutes.

Best recruitment marketing blogs of the year by Stories Inc.

Stories Incorporated

At the start of 2020, we focused on providing for you the best recruitment marketing blogs possible. We know readers like you are focused on leading-edge talent communications and culture, and we aimed to address your needs as 2020 unfolded. Reading Time: 3 minutes.

Crisis communications for recruitment marketers

Stories Incorporated

Public relations and traditional marketing experts are using their crisis communications best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. No one knows how to perfectly handle recruitment marketing during a global coronavirus pandemic. Our marketing plans for them utterly changed.

Recruitment Marketing: Your Key to Recruiting Success [Webinar]


Recruitment marketing has never been more important. Today’s hiring economy is highly complex and competitive–and finding top talent is harder than ever. If you’re a recruiter in search of top talent, this is likely something you live and breathe on a daily basis. . Candidates seek a relevant, transparent, and personalized experience–and expect it in every interaction, before they even get to submitting an application.

Your recruitment marketing secret weapon

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With the tight talent market and the swell of uninspiring content for candidates out there, there’s a real opportunity and need for all of us to get better at content and recruitment marketing basics: Understanding our audience Creating content that engages this audience Engaging that audience on a consistent basis Testing to see what works Repeat! As recruitment marketers, we have a unique advantage over any other content marketer.

What is the difference between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing?

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Reading Time: 7 minutes The way to attract talent has changed, and the key lies in understanding what is employer branding. As candidates act more like consumers, you must adapt your talent attraction and engagement strategies. . What is recruitment marketing?

Why Talent Acquisition Should Own Recruitment Marketing


Recruiters and marketers used to sit in different areas of the office, playing distinctly different roles. But as we all know, that’s shifted quite a bit with the focus on recruitment marketing. A marketing hat is now an essential part of a talent acquisition leader’s wardrobe. The most successful recruiters and talent acquisition leaders have embraced the entire world of marketing, from tactics to metrics. Talent Acquisition!

The Top Recruiters Never Get Surprised! #Recruiting101

The Tim Sackett Project

If there is one thing I could give a new Recruiting Pro it would be this simple advice. Surprises make and break great Recruiting Pro careers. The best Recruiting Pros I’ve worked with had this one common trait, they were unshakeable when surprised.

Top Recruitment Marketing Content Opportunities for 2020

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Some of the best recruitment marketing opportunities exist when your company does something different from the norm, that candidates also really care about. Here are four recruitment marketing opportunities (with employee story examples!) Reading Time: 7 minutes.

Exploding Job Offers!

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I had a question the other day from an executive outside of HR and Talent. My first question was, does HR hire for you, or do you have a recruiting or talent acquisition team? The best talent, won’t even consider you if you pull that strategy.

Transform Recruitment Marketing Live Stream Registration is Now Open! (Free!)

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June 20-21st I’ll be in Boston as the Emcee at Transform Recruitment Marketing conference. I’m constantly speaking and writing about all kinds of Recruitment Marketing tactics, ideas, and strategies. It’s still a very new and fast evolving function within talent acquisition. It’s loaded with practitioners sharing all of their secrets and best practices around recruitment marketing and talent attraction.

Recruitment marketing strategy: why it pays to be authentic


Marketing) trick or treat. Similar to how candidates sell their skills during an interview, companies apply a recruitment marketing strategy to talk up their culture and attract future hires. What’s so funny ‘bout recruitment marketing?”. Meet Susan.

What is recruitment marketing?

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Successful recruitment marketing strategies are Complex. Learn recruitment marketing best practices here in our ultimate guide. Recruitment marketing is the strategies and tactics a company uses to attract and engage potential candidates.

5 trends revolutionizing the talent acquisition space


Talent acquisition is facing new challenges in the age of the Great Resignation as scores of workers leave their jobs. Advertisement As employers step up their hiring efforts, Laurano offered five trends HR leaders need to be aware of in the talent acquisition space.

Talent Acquisition Is Dead!

The Tim Sackett Project

So, I wrote this little eBook called, “ Talent Acquisition is Dead: Talent Attraction Takes Root “, just click through to read the entire book. It’s built on the concept that for decades, truly the entire history of hiring employees to work for companies, we’ve only ever worried about acquiring talent. The concept of acquiring talent is one-sided. The best talent does not like to be acquired. So, how do you attract talent?