Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Smashfly introduces Emerson!

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Today on The Weekly Dose I take a look at Smashfly’s newest addition “Emerson” Who and what is Emerson? enabled recruiting assistant that is built right into the core Smashfly CRM product. It’s an exciting time at Smashfly.

Underutilized Recruitment Marketing Tactics

China Gorman

A recent Smashfly publication, the Smashfly Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2016 Fortune 500 , came across my desk a couple of weeks ago. China Gorman Data Point Tuesday Fortune 500 Hiring Recruiting Recruitment Marketing Smashfly Talent pipeline

Where Do Candidates Come From?

China Gorman

Beyond Employees: Employee Referral Programs Redefined from Smashfly. The Smashfly presentation provides insight into the employee/candidate referral landscape with some interesting data: 77% of organizations currently have a formal referral program.

New Year – New Employees: Energize Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy in 2017


CNN Commentator Mel Robbins, Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright, and SmashFly CEO Mike Hennessy are ready to lead the discussion of change management. This post is sponsored by TalentCulture client, Smashfly.

TA Grades: Only 4% of Fortune 500 Get An A

TLNT: The Business of HR

A recent SmashFly publication, the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2016 Fortune 500 , came across my desk a while back. If you’re involved at all in recruiting talent, you’ll find it interesting.

Why Storytelling Matters in Talent Acquisition


So I took an interview with the hiring manager, who happened to be SmashFly’s Chief Marketing Officer. I walked through an empty floor looking out on a river in an old mill building (that now is the work habitat to more than 30 SmashFly employees).

Four Things HR Can Learn From Marketing


This post is sponsored by SmashFly. For more content like this, follow SmashFly on Twitter , LinkedIn , YouTube and SlideShare.

Why Talent Acquisition Should Own Recruitment Marketing


To understand how to become a modern recruiting organization, SmashFly offers a great resource that outlines some of the key skills and roles within the recruitment marketing discipline in 5 Essential Roles of the Modern Recruitment Marketing Team. This post is sponsored by SmashFly.

Recruitment Marketing: Your Key to Recruiting Success [Webinar]


If this is what you’re focused on now and as we move into a new year, I hope you’ll join me and my friends at SmashFly for a webinar on best practices for recruitment marketing and how it’s driving transparency in today’s modern recruiting organizations.

3 Trends Defining Hiring Success In The Digital Economy


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Top 4 Reasons Talent Pipelines are A No-Brainer


According to SmashFly, make your career network accessible from as many ways as possible and keep it simple. This post is sponsored by SmashFly. For more content like this, follow SmashFly on Twitter , LinkedIn , YouTube and SlideShare. Let’s take a look at the U.S.

Reserve 10% of Your Recruitment Marketing Spend in 2017 for Experimentation.

The HR Capitalist

I had the opportunity to contribute to a project called the 2017 Recruitment Marketing Idea Book , sponsored and put together by Smashfly. My entry into the mix covered the need to experiment with your recruitment marketing spend every year.

Want Your Recruitment CRM to Be Effective? Focus on Relationship Building

Cornerstone On Demand

According to SmashFly's 2018 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report for the Fortune 500 , 33 percent of Fortune 500 companies that offer candidates an opportunity to opt-in to job alerts or a talent network never send an email post-confirmation. Smashfly research revealed that, for example, companies are suggesting engineering or maintenance jobs to a candidate who made a marketing search query.

PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 267 - Recruitment Marketing, Branding, and Technology

Steve Boese

Recorded live at SmashFly Transform in Boston, Massachusetts. This was a fun show, thanks to Jared for sitting down with us, and thanks to SmashFly for having the HR Happy Hour at the Transform event. HR Happy Hour 267 - Recruitment Marketing, Branding, and Technology.

What Recruiters Can Learn From Marrying Pre- and Post-Applicant Data

Cornerstone On Demand

It was left on a SmashFly blog post about source of influence in 2015, and I've cited it a handful of times since: "There is rarely a single source of hire in today's hyper-connected reality. SmashFly customer data shows that the average person interacts with 15 touchpoints before applying. As a writer, social media-centered millennial and marketer working in the talent acquisition industry, I've learned to take comments left on social media with a grain of salt.

Data 257

Recruit Better By Thinking Like a Marketer (Free eBook)


Recruiting has been changing for some time. It’s no longer about simply tracking candidates–not if you’re trying to beat the competition, anyway.

eBook 141

How to Transform Your Employees Into Powerful Brand Advocates

Cornerstone On Demand

A version of this article was originally published on the SmashFly blog. At the Transform Virtual Conference this year hosted by my company SmashFly, a marketing automation software for recruiters , I explained how you can unleash your employees as powerful brand advocates. It's no longer enough to be a great company—your company must be known as a great place to work.

How Analytics are Used for Talent Acquisition: A Call for Best Practices

Brandon Hall

Examples of some of these providers are: SmartRecruiters , Gild , and Smashfly. Smashfly automatically distributes jobs to the boards always used for certain jobs without recruiter involvement. Okay I admit it. I am a data geek, and a firm believer in the power of analytics.

CAPITALIST WEBINAR: How to Become the Best at Hourly Hiring in Your Industry.

The HR Capitalist

In that spirit, we're back with the following webinar, The Forgotten Majority: 7 Techniques to Trump Up Your Hourly Hiring (sponsored by the good folks at SmashFly.) Let's face it, I like to talk about a lot of upper end talent topics here. I'm a little bit of a snob, right?

Don't Miss the Talent of Tomorrow Virtual Event on Tuesday, April 25th


These are just a few of the questions leaders from Thermo Fisher Scientific , Smashfly , Cornerstone OnDemand , General Electric, and Entelo will consider at the Talent of Tomorrow virtual summit on Tuesday, April 25th. Entelo CEO Jon Bischke will join HireVue CEO Kevin Parker, Smashfly CEO Mike Hennessy, and Cornerstone OnDemand COO Kirsten Helvey for the panel, Future-Proof Your Hiring Strategy: The Case for the Right Technology Stack, moderated by Atlassian’s Jeff Diana.

Improve the Candidate “Shopping” Experience


Data from SmashFly states that 74% of candidates drop off of the apply process. Last fall, SmashFly researched and evaluated every 2015 Fortune 500 organization’s career site for 13 recruitment marketing practices. This post is sponsored by SmashFly.

#TChat Preview: Live from the 2015 #HRTechConf: Why Recruitment Should Be Transparent Marketing


Grossman as they talk about why recruitment should be transparent marketing with this week’s guests: Susan Vitale , Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS; Lori Sylvia , Chief Marketing Officer at SmashFly; and Michele Ellner , Director of Marketing at Montage.

Infographic: Recruiting Automation Landscape


Companies include: Smashfly, Beamery, Avature, PhenomPeople, Yello, Telemetry, and Ascendify. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits hasn’t been this low in nearly 45 years, according to the February 2018 Labor Department report.

How To Engage Your Talent Communities

Nextwave Hire

In fact, Smashfly finds that only 5% of the Fortune 500 send content to their talent communities. The majority of talent communities are under managed, and therefore are not delivering on the ROI they should be. Unfortunately, the time and expertise it takes to actively engage a talent pipeline means that these databases sit stagnant. That’s up from 1% last year… but still not great!

Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference Sets Stage for 2018


Tracey Parsons - VP of the Recruitment Marketing Center of Excellence at Smashfly. 2017 is winding down but there’s still at least one more major recruiting show to go!

Recruiters, It's Time to Start Texting Candidates

Cornerstone On Demand

A version of this article was originally published on the SmashFly blog. I am the person whose mobile Gmail app always has a number bubble on it. This weekend, it stood at 12,576. I finally decided it was time to go through them (enough is enough, even I have standards people!). And going through them mainly meant deleting—without regard—nearly everything unread older than one month. I figured if I needed to read it, I had probably read it. I hadn't felt that light in a while.

6 Reasons To Attend HR Tech User-Conferences

China Gorman

Based on my experience there – and at a number of others, like those produced by Universum , Smashfly , and Globoforce , here are my top 6 reasons to attend an HR Tech User Conference. I am frequently invited to attend user conferences in the HR Tech space and I am becoming a huge fan of these events. There is something for everyone – from certification to skill building to inspiration to fun!

HR Tech Conference Highlights through a Talent Acquisition Lens

Brandon Hall

Great sourcing information : Smashfly provides clients with source of influence data to help them understand the influence of all their investments that touch candidates, and not just the last touch point that leads the candidate to the online application.

Conference Twitter Primer #EBrandCon


tparsons : Heading up the Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing Practice @SmashFly. Check out our Learning Hub: @SmashFly : Master the art & science of attracting & hiring the right people who fit your org.

1% of Job Descriptions have Pictures or Video! Why?

The Tim Sackett Project

Smashfly, the enterprise recruitment marketing platform, released their 2018 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report this week and it’s loaded with data.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals


Ceridian, Equifax, MightyRecruiter, SmashFly, TalentFirst and More Than 90 Other Cutting-Edge Companies Unveil New Products at 19th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition®. Happy Friday.

Michigan Recruiter’s Conference – November 1st – Detroit, MI! Registration is Now Open!

The Tim Sackett Project

I want to thank this year’s sponsors: General Motors (just exceptional automobiles), Greenhouse (just an exceptional ATS) and Smashfly (just an exceptional Recruitment Marketing platform).

How do candidates find your company?

The Tim Sackett Project

I have a brain crush on Smashfly’s Tracey Parsons. She’s a great Recruitment Marketer who flat out gets what you and I should be doing to get candidates to find us! I only tell you this because Tracey shared something online this week that I had to share. I came on a LinkedIn post by Joel Cheesman (you can look him up as well, he’s way less impressive than Tracey, but he might be your flavor! JK, Joel! He’ll cry himself to sleep tonight if I don’t say that!)

AI in Recruiting – Salvation at Last?

General Information Services

But thanks to ground-breaking apps with whimsical names such as SmashFly and Mya, the heavy lifting part of recruiting the most qualified talent is becoming vastly faster, easier and more accurate than anything we could have imagined even five years ago. SmashFly offers a platform that integrates with CMS and provides a dashboard that graphically depicts current status, analytics and metrics on the recruitment processes. By Lewis Lustman.

Think Beyond Mobile Apply for a Mobile Candidate Experience


For more insights on recruitment marketing best practices employed by the world’s leading organizations, including mobile candidate experience, get a free download of SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2015 Fortune 500. .