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The Great Generational Shift: How Employers and Managers Can Prepare


The Boomers are filling up an “age bubble” in the workforce such that there are many more people at or near the ordinary age range for retirement. The successful organization will have as many different career paths as it has people.

What do the NFL and your new hire experience have in common?


I’m a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, so all my optimism in August is tempered by memories of 2008, when a 4-0 preseason turned into an 0-16 regular season. New hires sent to the wrong building or assigned to the wrong training class. The Offseason – Where True Development Happens.

Do You See Meaning In Your Job? These Employees Do. - DecisionWise


This may include training in presentation skills, American-English pronunciation for bilingual speakers, those with strong American regional accents, or communication skills needed for leadership. It hasn’t been easy, but there isn’t really any career that is.