What Does Recruiting Software Cost?


Pay-Per-Recruiting Manager. You pay either a one-time or, more likely, a monthly fee based on the number of recruiting managers/users you have on the software. Though not as popular a model as “pay-per-recruiting manager,” this one is starting to see more adoption from software vendors. This can be ideal if you expect to have both employees and hiring managers accessing the software. BambooHR. What’s the most frustrating thing about sales taxes?

What Truly Motivates Employees


Employees who go above and beyond are the dream of any hiring manager. In 2014, TINYhr – creators of the anonymous employee survey-app TINYPulse – set out to answer that question. They need to ask themselves whether their management style fosters cooperation, leaves workers feeling isolated or forces them into competition. According to a BambooHR survey of more than 1,000 workers, a lack of opportunities is the single biggest factor that will chase good employees away.

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Cross the Chasm Between New Hire and Big Contributor With Continuous Employee Onboarding


Losing talent is a costly proposition. A February 2014 survey by BambooHR approximated that one-third of about 1,000 respondents reported having quit a job within six months of starting it. Unless you’re one of those rare organizations taking a “sink or swim” approach to new talent, it makes financial sense to not only hire the right person, but to empower that person to do the job as successfully as possible.

Namely grabs new CEO!


Happily, there are new things to say as he’s become CEO of Namely, battling hammer and tongs with BambooHR (having nearly 10 times the customers) to become the top HCM vendor for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere. Unless you’re the founding geek who manages to hold on, which CEO David Ossip more than did at Ceridian after its private-equity owner bought his company Workforce and put him on top of the whole thing!