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30 Amazing Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day


National Employee Appreciation Day: Friday, 3 March, 2023. Do you want to boost your employee retention and overall productivity? One of the best practices is employee appreciation for inspiring your team and making them feel valued. 30 Staff Appreciation Ideas to Keep your People Happy.

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Efficient Background Checks a Must as Hospitality Preps for Peak Travel Months

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The January Job Openings and Labor Turnover Report notes that new job openings have surpassed last year’s by 897,000. Retention Strategies are a Must. With more than a million separations in January 2022 alone, employee turnover rates across the hospitality industry only add to the hiring conundrum.


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40 Best Employee Appreciation Ideas in 2024

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The last time someone told you they appreciated your work, it probably made an impression. However, employee recognition goes beyond making people feel good. Important company KPIs like engagement, retention, and productivity are greatly affected. The most crucial aspect of a successful company is employee appreciation.

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10 employee appreciation ideas to implement for 2023


f your goals for 2023 are to increase productivity, motivation, and retention, we’ve got good news. Focusing on employee appreciation can accomplish all three. Finding it hard to believe that something as simple as employee happiness in the workplace can do all of that?

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What Causes Low Employee Retention Rates [+ How to Fix!]


To create an effective and long-lasting team of dedicated workers, you must first understand what causes low employee retention rates. Retaining employees is vital to the success of any organisation. When you keep the employee retention rate high, you save on hiring costs and precious training time.

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Incentive Compensation: Why Your Strategy Might Include It


While almost every employee appreciates a regular paycheck, they can get accustomed to the same pay every week, month after month. Many organizations opt for an incentive compensation program as part of their total compensation strategy. What is incentive compensation? What is incentive compensation?

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Employee Retention Strategies: 10 Proven Tactics to Boost Your Employee Experience


Employee retention is a hot topic in the world of human resources. It's no secret that employee turnover can be costly for businesses - both in terms of money and lost productivity. Each lost employee equates to a cost of 1.5 Without engagement, retention becomes even more of a challenge.