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Is Workforce Redeployment an Alternative to Layoffs?

Intoo USA

With many poorly executed layoffs going viral , some organizations have received negative press for hiring new employees shortly after letting others go. This is not only a bad business practice; it can also waste money and other resources in hiring, onboarding new employees, and severance for those let go.

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4 Tips for a Better New Hire Experience | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

This post was originally published in March 2016 and was updated with new information about the new hire experience in January 2023. You could think of onboarding as the “breakfast” of employment. No new hire should begin their position within a company without a balanced and well-planned onboarding program.


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Effective Strategies to Attract, Develop, and Retain Healthcare Talent

Sterling Check

In a survey conducted by Sterling’s Healthcare and Life Sciences , the top three priorities for HR leaders included increasing employee retention (68%), improving talent acquisition strategies (55%), and improving employee engagement (55%). Developing Employees Recruiting solutions alone aren’t enough to combat staffing shortages.

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Why employee retention is important in the construction industry


Finding and keeping talented employees is an uphill battle for most hiring managers, regardless of the industry. You invest resources in hiring, training, and developing your workforce, only to see them walk out the door and into the arms of your competitors. What is employee turnover? What is employee retention?

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7 Key Components of Talent Management | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

Its processes include onboarding, performance, learning and development, recognition, and employee engagement. You may have noticed that recruiting and hiring aren’t on the list — that’s because talent management is about how companies manage their existing employees. What are the goals they need to achieve in their roles?

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How to reduce new hire turnover


After weeks of sourcing and interviewing candidates, you finally land your perfect hire. Your seemingly perfect hire is leaving and you need to start recruiting all over again. This awkward situation is called new hire turnover. New hire turnover is common. How to calculate new hire turnover.

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How To Reduce The Impact Of Employee Turnover With 3 Effective Strategies


And now, you're in hiring mode to find new employees. If you have support, you'll likely ask your HR department to find the job description from when you hired the on-their-way-out individual. By taking a proactive approach to managing labor turnover, businesses can minimize its impact and ensure the organization's continued success.