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What skills do you need to be in talent acquisition?

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14 Talent Acquisition Skills Needed For Success in TA. What is one important skill needed to become successful at talent acquisition? To help you with Talent Acquisition Skills, we asked CEOs and CHROs this question for their best insights. One Skill to Become Successful at Talent Acquisition.

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Does Your Company Need a CHRO?


Since none of these other functions can produce without people, why isn’t CHRO a role in every organization? Which of these areas doesn’t involve talent? The CHRO is an integral part of strategic operations. C-suite and the CHRO: What are their responsibilities? The CHRO executes these organizational goals.


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2021 People in Healthcare Awards

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Recognition for teams in Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement, plus “Front of the Front Line” Awards to 4 CHROs. Talent Acquisition Team of the Year – Elizabeth Healthcare (Northern KY, Cincinnati, OH. CHRO of the Year, Lifetime Achievement – Eric Humphrey, SVP & CHRO, Froedtert Health.

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15 Job Titles for Human Resources: A Comprehensive HR Job List

Analytics in HR

They also assist HR leadership in staffing issues or facilitating the implementation of new initiatives. Talent Acquisition Specialist Job description The Talent Acquisition Specialist is an expert in finding, screening, and attracting applicants who meet the demands of the organization and the employees.

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7 Talent Acquisition Metrics Your CHRO Really Cares About

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Metrics enable you to gauge the overall health of your talent acquisition process. The following are ones they watch as these metrics provide deeper insight into the performance and business impact of your talent management system. This is No. Our regular content will return on Jan. Happy Boxing Day ! . more…).

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Improve Organizational Agility with a Chief People Officer and other Key HR Leadership Hires


Establishing strong human capital requires a robust workforce planning, talent acquisition, and succession planning strategy and process. Corporations can improve the tone of their culture and cultivate a work environment that maintains morale through periods of change by hiring the right CPO or CHRO.

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How can talent teams succeed in this ‘real, pivotal moment’ to deliver?


As if keeping the talent pipeline healthy wasn’t already enough of a challenge for talent acquisition leaders, doing it during a pandemic has made TA a moving target. This isn’t just a 2021 issue; organizations will be working to solve their talent issues well into the coming years.” 1 in Las Vegas, click here.