Measuring Onboarding Effectiveness Using SilkRoad Analytics


[Editor’s Note: This blog post comes from Nirmala Pol, Data Visualization Analyst on SilkRoad’s R&D team and Mimi Jerkan, Talent Activation Director for SilkRoad]. A data-driven culture helps to monitor/tweak your onboarding process for better business outcomes.

Onboarding: Take Your Process From Basic to Strategic

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at SilkRoad , a provider of strategic onboarding solutions to drive workforce readiness and organizational transformation. Onboarding continues to be a strategic focus for organizations. 4 Onboarding Trends for 2019.

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HR’s Role in Helping Organizations Accept Feedback

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at SilkRoad , a global leader in Talent Activation. Onboarding – The best way to learn is by gaining knowledge and skills when you need them. This takes place during the hiring process, orientation, and onboarding.

4 Pillars to Build a High Impact Strategic Onboarding Program


Strategic onboarding offers all sorts of benefits: speeding new hire productivity, creating deeper new hire engagement and improving retention. Benefit for new hires: creates “go to” people for coaching, advice and professional development. Strategic Onboarding

5 Reasons Why Your Onboarding Program Should Include Self-Learning


An important component of every onboarding program is assimilation or welcoming a new hire into the organization. At some point during the onboarding process, organizations have to allow employees to do things on their own. Reason #5: Self-learning applies beyond onboarding.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Software


HR Onboarding Software Definition. New employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. Why Your Organization Needs a Solid Onboarding Software. The HR TechStack for Onboarding Software.

Why Offboarding is More Important Than Onboarding


Why Offboarding is More Important Than Onboarding The RiseSmart Team Tuesday, September 1, 2015. Companies put a lot of emphasis on onboarding new talent to make sure that employees are integrated and properly settled in their new roles. Konkright, Expert Services at SilkRoad.

How to Use AI to Make HR More Human, Not Less


Note: Ben will be speaking at SilkRoad Connections user conference in San Diego. In my new book, Artificial Intelligence for HR, I talk about some of the fascinating ways employers can leverage AI to support everything from recruiting and hiring to coaching and training. AI Onboarding

5 Ways Companies Can Improve the Employee Experience


Speaking of connecting the candidate and employee experience, the most visible means of doing this is through onboarding. Onboarding gives the organization an opportunity to say, “We’re going to deliver on everything we said during the interview.”

Using Personalization to Activate Learners


During this year’s SilkRoad Connections Conference , David Wentworth, principal analyst in learning and development at Brandon Hall Group , shared that 62 percent of high performing organizations use personalized learning. It seems logical to draw a connection between learning and performance.

What Talent Management, Engagement And Culture Share


It is costly to hire, onboard, and bring a new hire up to speed. The SilkRoad Talent Talk Report 2014 states: “…in an unpredictable financial climate, companies need loyal, productive, and engaged employees more than ever. Coaching and/or mentoring.

HR TechStack – Video Interviewing Tools


HireVue delivers custom assessments by blending the power of artificial intelligence with the science of I-O Psychology – in a single video interview with Video Interviews, Assessments, and Coaching. SilkRoad HRMS. Video Interviewing Tools.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


Kronos Workforce Ready® provides businesses a full suite of seamlessly integrated applications for recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, payroll, and more, that are easily accessed through an intuitive user interface. SilkRoad Performance.