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8 Technological Solutions To Improve Employee Experience In 2022

Vantage Circle

Most HR professionals and business leaders can confidently say that investing in the employee experience. Smart office technology is no longer a luxury but rather a need. Luckily, technology provides some of the best solutions to boost the employee experience at any workplace effectively. Learning Management System.

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What Is Headcount Planning?

Intoo USA

Headcount planning is the strategic process of determining and managing the number of employees needed within an organization. Headcount planning encompasses various factors: Evaluating departmental needs Considering market trends Projecting growth or contraction Factoring in skills and expertise essential for company success The aim?


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25 HR Conferences & Webinars in 2021


In 2020, human resources conferences saw a big disruption as a result COVID-19. Most conferences were forced to move virtual/online which is where we’ll see most HR conferences in 2021. We also added an HR Conference table for a quick reference. 2021 HR Conference Table.

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How the HR leader of an artificial intelligence org relies on the tool


As tools like ChatGPT hit the market, HR professionals are seeing in real-time how the world of work is being reshaped by AI. For Leslie Linsner, CHRO of WorkFusion, that conversation is nothing new: After all, she helms the people function for an organization that provides intelligent automation solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

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The 10 small business tools you didn’t know you needed


It’s a secret every business owner knows: having the right small business tools to stay organized is key to saving time and money. Simple: having the right small business tools. Thankfully, as technology advances, so do the ways to stay organized and take back control. What are small business tools?

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HR Functions: 10 Fundamentals for Every HR Professional


Companies depend on their HR departments for personnel management. And every aspect of HR influences the employee experience. As a result, organizations are recognizing the vital importance of HR functions and the professionals that implement them. In fact, 70% believe HR leaders belong on their board of directors.

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Top 10 Event Planning Tools for HR in 2023

HR Lineup

In the dynamic landscape of human resources (HR), event planning has become an essential component for fostering employee engagement, boosting team morale, and facilitating organizational growth. 10 Best Event Management Software in 2023 1.