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Create the Performance Management of Your Dreams with the Best of ClearCompany

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ClearCompany has processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level with their industry leading ATS, Sourcing Module, Onboarding Platform and Video Interviewing capabilities. Continuous Performance Tracking.

Employee Onboarding Guide

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Onboarding By: ClearCompany Updated: January 2018. What is Employee Onboarding? Onboarding Definition. Why is Onboarding Important? What is the Average Cost of Onboarding a New Employee? How to Find the Best Onboarding Software for Your Company.

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Onboarding: Take Your Process From Basic to Strategic

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at SilkRoad , a provider of strategic onboarding solutions to drive workforce readiness and organizational transformation. Onboarding continues to be a strategic focus for organizations. 4 Onboarding Trends for 2019.

Finding the Right Performance Management System and Implementing It Effectively

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Finding the Right Performance Management System and Implementing It Effectively. Performance reviews are a crucial way for employers to assess their employees, uncover strengths and weaknesses, and implement positive change.

Bring Out Your Inner Onboarding Manager


Employee engagement isn’t just something companies should think about for longtime employees. It starts at the very beginning of the employee lifecycle. Mistake #1: Not making onboarding a priority. Understand this when getting serious about an onboarding plan.

Improving Employee Engagement with HCM Technology


There is a great deal of responsibility and work involved in fostering positive relationships with your employees. Many businesses fail to realize that the employee/employer relationship begins long before a new hire’s first day. Improving Employee Engagement with HCM.

Using Performance Tracking to Improve Employee Engagement


Using Performance Tracking to Improve Employee Engagement. Tracking your employee’s performance does more than just following their strengths and weaknesses. Performance tracking is a gateway into better employee engagement and management.

6 things to consider when implementing performance management software


Buying Performance Management is not the most simple or straightforward procedure; but here at Impraise, we’ve come up with a checklist of sorts to help simplify the process. Performance Management software is not something you can bring home ‘try it on for size’ then return it if you aren’t completely satisfied. The on-boarding process for performance management software usually takes a number of weeks.

How to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process


Given that the average employee alters their career path ten times between the age of 18 and 37, employers are scrambling for new and creative ways to retain top talent. Arguably the most important impactful process to focus on is employee onboarding process. Onboarding.

Top 30 Employee Engagement Ideas from the Experts

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A new employee joins your team excited, motivated and full of new ideas. For many organizations, keeping staff engaged is an ongoing struggle. But many of them have also found ways to tackle this engagement head on. Spend Time with Employees.

Sapling - Buddying Up for Great Employee Onboarding


And with the help of a Buddy Program in employee onboarding, they don’t have to.Strategic Employee Onboarding is about making great hires great employees. Here’s the run-down on why and how you should include a Buddy Program into your Employee Onboarding process.

Enhance Your Onboarding System in 3 Steps


Enhance Your Onboarding System in 3 Steps. Onboarding begins on day one and can make or break a new hire’s experience with a company. One of the biggest hurdles to successful onboarding is cultural unfamiliarity. Contact our team today to get more information or schedule a demo.

How Hiring and Onboarding Are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly


How Hiring and Onboarding Are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Onboarding and hiring go hand-in-hand. Onboarding is the jelly. Similar to jelly, onboarding offers a flavor of your organization to your employee. Performance Tracking and Millennials May 18, 2017.

How Personalized Training Has Been Helping Call Centers Win Customers’ Hearts

Rallyware for Human Resources

Busy work schedules, irate customers, demanding managers, a constant pressure to keep up with KPIs…it’s not surprising that these types of companies suffer from high turnover rates, employee attrition, and absenteeism. Improving employee engagement.

A complete guide to choosing the right HRIS for your organization

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It’s a centralized system that stores, tracks, and manages all data related to the human resources operations of your organization, including employee demographics, time off balances, attendance hours, medical details, benefits, policies, schemes, and more. Employee self-service.

12 Creative Ways to Improve Work Performance


In his uplifting Ted Talk “The happy secret to better work,” Shawn Achor teaches us a thing or two about the power of positive psychology and creative ways to improve work performance. We then evaluate all employee performance based on this middle of the road, ho-hum benchmark.

How to Make the Most of Manager 1-on-1s


Employees don’t leave companies. They leave managers. If that sounds counterintuitive, think of it this way: a manager is an employee’s link to everything that is the company. When it comes to the employee experience, they can either be an asset or a detriment.

Employee Retention and Turnover Solutions


To solve employee turnover, we look at employee retention best practices and organization-specific strategies. The CMO of People maps the employee experience from the employee’s perspective instead of HR’s perspective. Also, listen to employee feedback on what they value.

Where Employee Experience Sits on the Long Tail of HR


Performance management. Onboarding. The graph below depicts how employees typically think about the myriad of things Human Resources does. For things like onboarding and termination, that’s probably alright. But the fundamental issue is the employee experience.

Top HR & Recruiting Resources to Use in 2018

ClearCompany HRM

2017 Standout Blog: Performance Review Questions to Ask Your Employees. Managers don’t always have a knack for management. For any manager, experienced and not, here are some performance review questions you need to be asking….

Our Healthcare Integration Partners: Manage Your Team with Ease


At Hireology, we’re always eager to partner with best-in-class technology providers that can help our customers improve how they attract, hire and onboard their employees. . See a demo today.

5 Items to Add to Your HR Budget in 2019


Tasked with overseeing the entire employee lifecycle, HR professionals are often asked to drive serious business results with limited resources. Employee Engagement Tools. Luckily, when it comes to engagement, sometimes simpler is better. Performance Management Tools.

Performance Tracking and Millennials


Performance Tracking and Millennials. As the traditional annual performance review is becoming more obsolete, Millennials are looking for a more fluid way to engage with their managers. Be up-front about performance tracking. Take in feedback from employees.

Make Sense of HR Technology Options Available For Your Business


Human resources technology has transformed how organizations manage all aspects of HR, from recruiting and retention to payroll and grievances. A small company might only need an employee scheduling tool. A midsize company might need employee scheduling coupled with a people management platform. A large, multi-location company may require a full human resources management suite capable of handling almost all HR functions. Talent Management Platforms.

2018: The Evolution of HR

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They forecast that the now very “passive and service-oriented function” of human resources management could evolve tremendously. HR pros will soon need financial, marketing, risk management and analytical skills in order to lead their organizations in a more data-driven, strategic way.

Five Benefits of Having a Millennial Workforce


Able to recognize the importance of employee satisfaction. This means that your annual performance reviews may not be enough for this eager, fast-paced generation. On the Same Page: Why You Should Communicate with Your Hiring Manager When Recruiting May 2, 2017. Onboarding. (11).

Mobile Technology Finds Home at Construction Sites


Whether it’s via app, software, or web-based, it can help manage HR compliance, EEO reporting, hiring , onboarding, timesheets, data management, payrolls, scheduling and more. Contact us today to schedule a demo. Employee Engagement. (8). Onboarding. (13).

Are You Using These 5 Proven Employee Retention Strategies?


Recently, Kazoo’s Director of Employee Experience sat down to discuss employee retention strategies in 5 Tried-and-True Ways to Boost Retention , a webinar based on the latest industry research and Kazoo’s first-hand experience with helping hundreds of organizations. Below, we touch on the employee retention secrets mentioned in the webinar. Question you should be asking yourself : “Is employee appreciation a habit here?” Optimize Onboarding.

Creating the Best Possible Interview for Candidates


Just as the candidate will research your business, research the prospective by reviewing their resume to develop a good sense of what type of employee they will be. To see our ATS and Onboarding software in action, schedule a demo , or read more about BirdDogHR’s talent management solutions.

Making Data-driven Decisions with HR Reporting - Sapling Blog


Onboarding. Employee engagement. Performance management. Employee retention. These insights can help you improve employee retention. A high 90-day turnover can be indicative of issues with your recruitment or onboarding processes. Get Demo

Engage Employees Through Collaborative Goal Setting


Engage Employees Through Collaborative Goal Setting. Employees are more likely to be engaged with an organization if they feel like they’re being heard. Engage Employees Through Collaborative Goal Setting July 26, 2017. Employee Engagement. (9).

How to Boost Profits with a Cloud-Based Learning Management System


Many of your clients in small to large enterprises have a need for a learning management system (LMS), they just might not realize it yet. Do any of your clients offer internal employee training opportunities? What is a Learning Management System? Benefits Management.

Construction and Diversity: Are You Being Left Behind?


There are even less serving as construction managers — only 7% of management teams are female. As construction managers you see your aging workforce first hand. Once you have recruited and hired from your diverse applicant pool, it’s time to onboard. Employee Engagement.

HR Tech in 5 Minutes! #HRTechConf

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Invesitpro – Employee relations investigation software. RolePoint – Employee referral automation talking about their new product for internal Talent Mobility. LifeWorks – Employee engagement app and recognition. Click Boarding – Onboarding, but very personalized. HighGround – Performance management reinvented, very cool UX. 5 minutes is too short to try and do a demo in front of a giant crowd. Gang!

Construction Meets Engineering: How to Hire in a Converging Market


The BirdDogHR™ (ATS) is a cloud-based solution created to simplify employment branding, job distribution, candidate management and reporting for efficiency and compliance. Contact us today to see a demo. Make Succession Management a Priority August 22, 2017. Onboarding. (15).