Which HR Recruitment Software Should I Choose?


Finding and hiring the perfect candidate is easy when you have the right recruitment tools. But with so many types of HR recruitment software on the market, how can you find the best HR software for your company? Map Recruitment Process Flow. What are your recruitment process steps? Plot out your recruiting tasks and create a flowchart of recruitment steps. Which of these tasks could HR recruitment software help you complete more easily?

Essential Recruitment Software Features in an ATS

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Here are some universally essential features you should always consider: Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) database Integrations with your other HR software Routine task automation Customizable candidate filtering. CRM: One Feature to Recruit Them All.

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What to do When Your Recruitment Software is No Longer Efficient

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Sometimes, the recruitment system you’ve always used doesn’t necessarily meet the future needs of your recruitment agency. If you are not happy with your current recruitment software , it’s time for you to take action. Have other vendors provide demos.

How We Find the Best Clients for our Recruiting Software Business

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So, how do we recruit the best recruiters? We could say it starts with TAM’s features -- after one demo, most prospects can see we’ve built an applicant tracking system that meets their needs. streamline recruiting Applicant Communication Customer Support Applicant Management applicant management software applicant tracking software applicant tracking systems hiring process Recruiting Best Practices recruiting software technology

How do you know it’s time to purchase recruitment software and what are your tips for success?


As recruitment and talent evolve inside this framework, organizations are led to change their mindset: if you want to be up there and have that competitive edge, you need recruiting software. In my experience, there’s a point when organizations realize they’re not recruiting as well as they thought or they’re spending money in the wrong places. What are some symptoms that you need recruiting software? Ask a Recruiter Blog

How do you know it’s time to purchase recruitment software and what are your tips for success?


As recruitment and talent evolve inside this framework, organizations are led to change their mindset: if you want to be up there and have that competitive edge, you need recruiting software. What are some symptoms that you need recruiting software?

Hey! Are you attending HRTechTank?


The primary theme of HRTechTank Singapore is to Connect, Enlighten and Encourage the innovators in Human Resource Management and Recruitment software space, where you can learn how innovations and investments in new technology are leveraging the groundbreaking solutions to solve some of the ‘HR’ most important issues. 8 demoing companies on a variety of talent-related topics. On August 23, 2017 , HRTechTank is kicking off in Southeast Asia.

A Quick Guide to the Recruitment Agency’s ‘Work From Home’ Software Stack


But how well are you set up and what should be in your recruitment agency’s ‘work from home’ software stack? Here we take a quick look at the software your recruitment agency should be considering to run efficiently in the cloud. Recruitment agency specific software.


How to Hire: 5 tips to succeed in healthcare recruiting


If you’re a medical recruiter or hiring manager, you can easily point out the challenges of healthcare recruiting. If you’re ramping up your hiring efforts, it’s wise to brush up your medical recruitment strategies. Invest in a recruiting software.

Applicant tracking system RFP template


Sending an applicant tracking system RFP (request for proposal) is a good way to gather information about products and services of recruiting software vendors, as well as their viability as a company, before you schedule demos.

18 Workplace Management Tools Employers Should Use During COVID-19

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Employee Communication Software . Video Conferencing Software . Video conferencing software surely became one of the most used workplace management solutions these days. If your company already has Google Suite in place, you are probably able to use Hangouts Meet.

Tools 71

How GXB super-charged sourcing with Workable


It works closely with its 2 other recruitment firms—Fauve & Associates and Klondike—who specialize in mid-management and professional candidates. At the heart of its hiring strategy is a close, collaborative culture which spans its three specialist recruitment firms. The challenge.

How to use the Workable mobile recruiting app for hiring


Luckily you’ve already set up Workable recruiting app on your mobile. You review every application via the Workable mobile recruiting app. When recruiting isn’t your main task, finding time to review every application in a single sitting is a big ask.

How to write an RFP for ATS to select the right vendor


If you’re a recruiting professional or company executive thinking to invest in recruiting software, you’ll reasonably want to know which one is best. To help you decide on the right software, you can send out a request for proposal (RFP).

Diversity in the workplace: how to use Workable to boost D&I


As a recruiting software, we at Workable want to support recruiters and hiring managers in their efforts to boost D&I in their organizations. You can instantly like or dislike a candidate as you walk them to the meeting room or during small talk before the interview.

Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital finds more clinicians using Workable


Recruitment managed manually—resumes printed off and stored in boxes. Hiring managers using different recruiting methods. Better prepared to meet peaks and troughs in hiring. The solution: Automated hiring software with a powerful reach. Schedule a demo.

10 Recruiting Mistakes You Have to Read to Believe!

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Whether you’ve been a jobseeker in the past or have worked with other recruiters both in and out of your company, chances are you’ve had your fair share of not-so-friendly circumstances. Are you guilty of similar recruiting faux pas? Except, this recruiter used the “Carbon Copy”.

Applicant tracking system: Everything you need to know


An Applicant Tracking System is an indispensable part of any efficient recruitment process. ATS’ stands for ‘applicant tracking system’; it’s software that helps you manage your hiring process and keep candidate information in a digital form. Get a demo.

Best way to schedule an interview time with multiple candidates and interviewers


Recruiters can’t influence the number of open roles, but they can ensure that hiring teams interview only the most qualified candidates. Request a demo today to see why we’re loved by more than 6,000 companies worldwide. Scheduling interviews is a burden.

Yello from Chicago: Top Insights from #HRTX 2018


Last week, talent leaders discussed these questions and more as they explored recruitment technology and its future at Recruiting Daily’s #HRTX Chicago 2018 event. One of #HRTX’s recurring themes was how to recruit candidates to tough locations. Schedule a demo today.

Why Every Retailer Business Needs an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


Managers often lack the resources to effectively recruit; after all, hiring is usually a secondary responsibility to running a store. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) , which are a type of recruitment software, can help retail businesses attract and hire employees and turn their hiring into a competitive advantage. Make decentralized, store-centered recruitment efficient. So it’s important that they have simple, streamlined tools that allow them to recruit on the go.

New hire checklist template: Before the first day


New employees can meet their team instead of spending time trying to set up their corporate email.). Messaging software (e.g. IT team, so that they can help them set up accounts for corporate software. 1:1 meetings with manager and team members. Product-related demos.

6 Top Tips For Effective Text Recruiting


05/24/2018 // Mobile Recruiting. As a recruiter, do you text with job candidates? Read on for six ways to attract and engage candidates through text recruiting. Don’t let your content get buried in email—connect with top talent via text recruiting. Request a demo today.

6 Top Tips For Effective Text Recruiting


05/24/2018 // Mobile Recruiting. As a recruiter, do you text with job candidates? Read on for five ways to attract and engage candidates through text recruiting. Don’t let your content get buried in email—connect with top talent via text recruiting. Mobile Recruiting

Save time scheduling interviews with Workable


Scheduling interviews is often a daunting task for recruiters. Request a demo to learn how you can optimize your interview process and hiring efforts with our all-in-one recruitment software.

The most important HR skills and how to master them


HR teams are responsible for meeting deadlines and complying with relevant regulations. In-between meetings with colleagues and executives, HR professionals have to squeeze in other important tasks, like setting up employee training and development and organizing company events.

Simplifying the Hiring Process with Recruitment Automation


How AI Can Enhance the Personal Touch in Candidate Recruitment. Recruitment automation is giving hiring teams a much-needed advantage in a highly competitive market. Recruitment Automation Case Studies. What AI can do for your recruiting efforts.

GDPR checklist: Requirements for recruiters and HR


Recruiters and hiring teams especially should make sure that they are transparent when processing candidate data during hiring. Employers or “data controllers”: Organisations that collect candidate information for recruiting purposes. Create a recruitment-specific privacy policy.

Using candidate sourcing tools from Workable


Here’s why your recruiting team should invest in candidate sourcing and how to source qualified candidates with Workable: What are the benefits of sourcing candidates? Candidate searching helps recruiters: Expand outreach to a larger audience. Recruit for hard-to-fill roles.

5 Must-Have's from your Staffing Service


When considering a new staffing service, start the process with an interview meeting that’s face to face with their contact or team. Before answering their questions, drive the meeting by asking your questions first. Tip: Whichever service you select, be sure to meet from time to time to keep strengthening their understanding of your needs and to review what results they’ve delivered. Contact me to discuss how we can help, Schedule a Demo , or for consultation.

Need a new ATS? No one cares, unless you speak their language


Imagine this: You’ve just come out of a big meeting where you’ve learned that your company plans to expand staff by 50% by the end of Q4. To understand how to make an effective case for new software, it’s good to learn a bit from Product Marketing. Let’s meet some of their staff: Jenny.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job and then choosing the best among the candidates who flow right in. There are 10 main areas of the recruitment process that, once mastered, can help you: Optimize your recruitment strategy.

How to Create a Strong Diversity Recruiting Strategy


What Is a Diversity Recruitment Strategy? A diversity recruitment strategy defines goals, accountabilities, action items and success measures for attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring diverse talent to drive business success. Why Is a Diversity Recruitment Strategy Important?

7 Reasons You Should Care About Google’s New ATS


Afterall, they arguably have the most software engineering horsepower of any company on the planet — and the cash reserves to keep at it. “Hire” (that’s what they call it on their product web site and in this product demo below which is useful if you want to dig in).

A recruiter’s guide to GDPR compliance


GDPR places the burden of ensuring compliance on your entire organisation, especially functions like recruiting which rely heavily on collecting candidates’ personal data. What are the basic GDPR terms and how do they relate to recruiting? How does the GDPR affect recruiting?