8 Important Recruiting Metrics You Must Track Today

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Most human resources professionals worth their salt know the importance of recruiting metrics in improving the hiring process. Those that do may not even be tracking the right recruiting metrics! Here are 8 important recruiting metrics you must track today. The Retention Rate.

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It is critical to your business’s long-term health and success, and turnover costs are high. Employee Retention Definition. What is employee retention? Keeping employees at your company is an important priority because the costs of employee turnover are so high.

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Oh, and would you lower turnover and “actualize” an apprenticeship program while you’re at it? A strong employer brand lowers employee turnover too. Create ebooks, quizzes, or guides that help people advance their career in your industry. Employer Recruiting/Retention?

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While the business case points you in the direction of what to measure, you need to decide on the right metrics – what data will you use to determine the improvements? Or, specific process metrics, such as recruitment metrics (e.g. Improved employee retention (e.g.

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Because engagement is a critical business metric, you may be wondering, how do you accurately measure it? First, look at both retention rates and promotion rates from a particular manager’s department. Once you start measuring this critical business metric, you need to take action.

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Modern approaches are made use by the HR department Company dynamics, metrics, standards, job demands communication, legality related issues and other sensitive topics are conveyed. Just simply grooming employees to fulfil the job demand will not lead to retention. lower turnover rate.

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Internal communications is generally in charge of these kinds of metrics; but educating employees and helping them understand their role (as well as listening to them to understand their challenges) are the jobs of the HR. According to McKinsey, companies are already employing “HR analytics address attrition, allowing managers to predict which employees are most likely to leave and highlighting turnover problems in a region or country before the problem surfaces.

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An intranet with social communication tools including forums, blogs and team areas is one example; this also supports automated processes and offers insights using metrics and analytics. Download our free eBook to find out more >> 2.