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The State of Voice of the Employee and Enterprise Employee Feedback Survey Platforms


LinkedIn’s acquisition of Glint closed in 2018, though Glint has remained as a fairly independent company since then. Because of the LinkedIn connection, Glint surfaces LinkedIn Learning content where development opportunities arise for managers.

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Top Funding News in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016


Lever Secures $20 Million in Series B Funding to Help Companies Reinvent the Way They Recruit and Hire. Japan’s talent search startup BizReach gets $33M to offer hiring management platform. Hire Dynamics Completes Recapitalization By MSouth Equity Partners. Glint bags $27 million for its HR analytics platform. April 2016.


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Bersin: Don’t overlook these 8 factors in creating your new hybrid plan


Vendors such as EdCast, Degreed, Fuse and Wisetail can quickly create learning portals; tools like WalkMe, Pendo and Spekit can instantly make apps easier to use; solutions like Cultivate, Glint, CultureAmp, Peakon and Viva Insights can capture employee sentiment, help people save time and provide online coaching.

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Top 10 Employee Pulse Survey Tools in 2023

HR Lineup

Glint Glint is a leading employee engagement platform that provides organizations with real-time employee feedback. Glint also provides advanced analytics and reporting features, allowing organizations to gain deeper insights into employee sentiment and make data-driven decisions.

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Employee engagement and the bottom line: HR can help make the business case


See also: Insights from Josh Bersin: How to hire in a cooling market To drive this point further, each additional point of engagement employees reported was valued at over $46,500 in market cap difference per employee, researchers found. stock markets, the report found.

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Top 10 Employee Engagement Survey Companies in 2024


Microsoft Viva Glint Part of the Microsoft Viva suite, Glint offers a user-friendly platform for conducting surveys and gathering real-time feedback.   Applicant Tracking: Manage the recruitment process from applicant tracking to hiring.   It integrates with other Microsoft applications for a seamless workflow.  

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A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech

Littal Shemer

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