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Boosting Workforce Planning with Technology | Types, Trends, and Benefits


According to Gartner only 28% of CHROs surveyed are confident in their HR function's ability to execute workforce planning successfully. Workforce planning has become a critical business function, and it is no longer just about staffing.

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10 Roles In Human Resources That You Should Explore

HR Management

2) Human Resources Associate A human resources associate is an entry-level position in HR that involves providing support across various HR functions. 5) Human Resources Generalist One HR role that’s emerged in contemporary times, especially in remote work or hybrid setups, is that of the human resources generalist.


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Human Resources Director: Job Description, Skills & Salary

Analytics in HR

There are also online certifications you can take to develop further skills and competencies required for the role: HR Manager Certificate Program – AIHR : This online program will expand your human resource expertise to cover lean management and a deeper understanding of HR operations.

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How HR tech’s people data boosts business performance


Today’s best HR strategy leans on people tech to take the focus off the paperwork and put the emphasis on improving culture, employee engagement and retention, and the business’s bottom line. But what tech can you use to support your business’s HR functions and free up the time you need to put your energy into your people?

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Strategic Workforce Planning is the Way Forward

Cielo HR Leader

So, with corporate boards well aware that competitive advantage relies on the excellence of talent as much as on the excellence of products or services HR functions are keenly focused on what is the best people acquisition model – RPO or an in-house capability. And now, with signs of recovery in the U.S.,

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Strategic Workforce Planning in APAC: Dream or Reality?

Cielo HR Leader

Despite all the enthusiastic talk about strategic workforce planning (SWP) in the established economies of the West, few organizations have managed to successfully implement it in any meaningful way. With the company’s size and success there is a need for us to rapidly develop our HR functions.

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Build vs. Rent: Don’t Crash on the Do-It-Yourself Iceberg for People Analytics


And this only includes the workforce analytics component of the solution. A true people analytics solution will also be part of a people strategy platform that enables data-driven workforce planning — a capability set not supported by BI tools. Product updates. Ongoing data management, maintenance, and support.