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Talent Management vs. Performance Management: What’s the Difference?


Quick look: While the terms talent management and performance management are often used interchangeably, they play different (yet equally important) roles in a company’s human resource function. While the two terms may seem similar, they represent distinct approaches with unique objectives.

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How To Revolutionize Your Talent Development With Skills Mapping

HR Tech Girl

Skills mapping is a useful tool with the power to revolutionize talent development in organizations of all sizes and industries. Whatever your choice, an investment in mapping skills and/or competencies, and developing focused talent development plans to enhance those capabilities, is a wise investment that pays dividends over time.


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10 Best Talent Management Software in 2023

HR Lineup

Talent management is a critical aspect of every organization’s success. In the competitive business landscape of 2023, companies need to attract, retain, and develop top talent to thrive. To streamline these processes, organizations turn to talent management software solutions.

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ICYMI: 5 Things the Modern Worker Looks For in Talent Development

Cornerstone On Demand

5 Things the Modern Worker Looks for in Talent Development Learning is a key priority for employees today, but are most companies learning programs meet their needs? Read on for five key things modern workers look for when it comes to talent development—and tips for attracting and retaining them.

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Harnessing AI for Employee Engagement and Strategic Talent Management


Elevating Talent Management with AI Integration Integrating automated systems into talent management processes brings precision and efficiency. This refinement strengthens everything from recruitment to employee development. They identify biases and promote fair, equitable talent management.

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How Adding AI to Workday Improves Talent Management (part 2 of 3, Talent Development)


First, let’s take a look at how companies are improving talent development by augmenting Workday with artificial intelligence. With Eightfold’s AI, managers can monitor and proactively engage in development activities (projects, courses, etc.) This helps unlock the talent on each team.

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Beyond training: The CLO’s expanded role in talent management

Chief Learning Officer - Talent Management

No longer confined to managing training programs leading learning and development teams, today’s CLOs are integral to broader talent management strategies that drive organizational success. Let’s delve into the expanded role of the CLO and how it intersects with talent management.