Is my style of leadership burning my people?

HR Management

It highlights areas to develop and ways in which greater relationships can be built with those you lead. People understand how to manage their own approach and understand that leaders don’t always have all the answers to challenges the business faces. We all have inherent go-to behaviors that can be revealed and managed. A “reformed CPA” and serial entrepreneur, Hugh has since 2001 focused his efforts on his role as CEO and Founder of Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International.

Leaders win by putting people before numbers

HR Management

If boards, CEOs and other managers stewarded the finances of their companies as offhandedly as many manage people, shareholders and other stakeholders would be alarmed at the speedy decline of investments. An organization can’t develop its people unless it sets them up for success. Perhaps you’ve already got structures in place to support and manage your people and if you have – wonderful. Leaders win by putting people before numbers. By Hugh Massie.

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Fine-tune hiring with pre-hire assessments

HR Management

Pre-hire assessments are often used to match candidates with job requirements and even with potential managers and the organizations publics. More difficult to identify is the cultural fit to the organization and the character and behavior of the person that would be more likely to perform well and be successful in the role. Pre-hire assessments uncover behaviors that can be invested in for future positions and career development.

Do You Know How to Attract Star Employees?

Compensation Cafe

Not only is the famous battle for talent waging outside your company's ramparts, but a large chunk of the people you want to recruit think career opportunities and inspiring business goals are higher priorities than compensation when choosing a new employer.