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Why Banking On Your Workforce Boosts Business Results


There is a clear connection here between what happens in the workforce and the success of the organization. Companies with stronger HR programs, outperform on financial metrics. Have increasing retirement rates for investment advisors led to a decrease in assets under management?

“READ … MY … FAX!” Is NOT a Good Termination Meeting!

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Yesterday’s Advisor celebrated Back to the Future: Part II on the date of Emmett “Doc” Brown and Marty McFly time-traveling to October 21, 2015—and it highlighted a few scenes that were surprisingly applicable to HR. Speaking of the future, what’s your HR game plan? HR 2015?

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More Big Data Dangers, from Distribution to Interpretation

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Start your strategic thinking with BLR’s new practical guide: HR Playbook: HR’s Game Plan for the Future. Making sure you’re reading your metrics correctly is just one of the many challenges in the brave new world of HR. HR 2015? Succession Planning.

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Make Your Compensation Work Across Generations

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” Recruiting is a challenge for 2015. Learn what’s happening in the real world with our new research report, Recruiting Best Practices: Finding and Attracting Talent in 2015’s Challenging Business Climate.

The 7 Steps to Launch and Maintain a Great Wellness Program

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Here are Ryan’s essentials to building a successful wellness program: 1. Have a formal plan. While you may not always be sure which direction to head at first, your initiative must have a formal, written plan with clearly established goals. Start your strategic thinking with BLR’s new practical guide: HR Playbook: HR’s Game Plan for the Future. HR 2015? Time to start planning with BLR’s new HR Playbook. Succession Planning.

The Art of Building a Solid Human Capital Strategy


Your people are integral to the success of your company, so not having a sound strategy to help attract, retain and engage your employees is a big mis-step for any business. Paid time off and a retirement savings program such as a 401(k) are benefits the majority of job seekers expect.