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Bridging the Generational Gap in Your Workplace


One might expect this to give rise to tensions as older workers could have mixed feelings about being coached by those younger than them, but in fact most workers say they don’t find it difficult to have a younger boss. We live in an age of generous life expectancy and late retirement.

How To Prepare Employees For Their Dream Careers


That’s what 95% of Stryker Corporation employees proudly proclaim, according to Fortune’s 2017 edition of Best Companies to Work For. For the sake of employee engagement and retention, your team needs opportunities within your organization to grow and reach their dream careers.

How BAE Systems Uses High-Potential Development As a Catalyst for Professional Growth and Retention


headquartered operations generated $10 billion in 2017, with a workforce of 32,100 employees. To remain a premier company in today’s national security marketplace, BAE Systems needs to ensure it develops and—importantly—retains its high-potential talent. To respond effectively, the organization needed to develop internal talent by identifying high-potentials earlier in their careers, developing them and assuring they have career paths that excite, motivate and retain them.