Recruiting Interns: How to Make the Most of Young Talent

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Today, not only do students use internships as a way to gain valuable experience for their resume and to jumpstart their career, but companies actually recruit interns as a way to pursue them for full-time employment in the future.

The Future of Business is Talent—and the Future of Talent is AI

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The pace of business change is currently the fastest it has ever been; at the same time, it will never be this slow again. Business Disruption At current churn rate, 75% of the Fortune 500 will be replaced by 2027. Will you be attending Oracle HCM World 2018 ?

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High School: The New Recruitment and Retention Battleground for the Best and the Brightest

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Once upon a time, the high school students most often recruited while they were still in high school were athletes. Again, once upon a time, the terms “geek” or “nerd” were used in pejorative ways. This is a generation that isn’t married to the idea of attending a college or university.

Why Our View Of Being Human In A Digital World Must Change


The 33-year average lifespan of businesses in 1964 has narrowed to 24 years in 2016 and is expected to further decline by 50% in 2027. It’s time to get curious about going digital again. Technology innovation has been a source of inspired thinking for generations.

Training and Auto Technologies Evolving Together at Tesla and Beyond

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For example, mobile technology offers the opportunity for personalized learning on demand, also known as “just-in-time” learning. . Major future of work predictions for 2027 by Davies.