ApplicantPro's response to COVID-19


While we strive to maintain our hiring processes here at ApplicantPro, we've relied heavily on the power of virtual assessments and screening tools. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it seems like almost every part of our lives has been completely changed in the last few weeks. We're all trying to keep our employees protected and teams intact, while also accommodating new working arrangements.

Automate Phone Screening Interviews with Dialogg


At ApplicantPro we're always trying to make your hiring process faster, easier, and more efficient. With a streamlined hiring process goal in mind, we've teamed up with, a new automated phone screening solution, for selecting just the right applicants for your company! See Dialogg's applicant phone screening in action: Applicant phone screening interviews save time & resources.


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Hiring Top Talent? Here Are The Best Methods For Sourcing, Screening, and Interviewing

Spark Hire

Question: What are the best methods for sourcing, screening, and hiring top talent? When I suggest certain tools and strategies for sourcing, screening, and interviewing, I’m keeping the following in mind: Speed – Why? For a startup/small business, here are a few that offer a self-service signup: ApplicantPro ( ). Screening. Once you’ve received applications and sorted through your resumes, it’s time to start screening your candidates.

3 Applicant Tracking Systems That Will Help You Hire Generation Z


ApplicantPRO. And your outdated “Careers” webpage that becomes unreadable on an iPhone screen is not going to cut it. These kids often operate on five screens at once. It’s not enough to get your brand out there on Generation Z’s phone screen. The three ATSs that meet these qualifications are: ApplicantPro. ApplicantPRO. Image source: ApplicantPro. ApplicantPro also has integrated pre-hire and skill assessment programs.

The Pros and Cons of Using an Employee Referral Network


Assuming that you have a system that helps you screen and sort through your applicants efficiently , you’ll be able to move potential quality applicants through the hiring process quickly. The post The Pros and Cons of Using an Employee Referral Network appeared first on ApplicantPro. Having a solid employee referral network can save you thousands in recruiting costs, can increase your production rates tenfold, and can help reinforce your company culture.

How to Draw in and Identify Top Performers During the Hiring Process


If you can write a job ad that reassures applicants that you value them and their time, you have a much a much greater likelihood that they’ll invest the necessary effort into completing your application and screening process. Get to know top performers through pre-employment tests and strategic screening questions. The post How to Draw in and Identify Top Performers During the Hiring Process appeared first on ApplicantPro.

Three Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make


Instead of insisting job candidates possess a degree, use targeted screening questions designed to rank the quality of applicant fit. The post Three Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make appeared first on ApplicantPro. Applicant Tracking System Hiring Process Improvement Hiring Software HR Strategic Development Mobile Hiring, Career Sites & Recruiting Recruiting Basics Strategic HR applicant tracking system applicantpro hiring hiring manager hiring process recruiting

HR TechStack – Video Interviewing Tools


It enables efficient screening of more candidates to get a deeper insight into personalities in a standardized way. ClearCompany Video Interviewing helps you easily incorporate video screening into your candidate application process. Jobvite Video is an on-demand video screening tool that accelerates, enhances, and builds consistency in the applicant screening process. ApplicantPRO. With ApplicantPro’s video interviewing software, you can!

3 Benefits of HR Tech Integration


Recruiters can log-in to a single system, and a reference check can be initiated directly from your ATS as soon as recruiter concludes an initial phone screen – or at any point in your hiring process. We currently integrate with a number of leading HR vendors, including Bullhorn, Oracle, ApplicantPro, iCims, Workday and The HR Manager (TAM) to name a few. Technology often makes our lives – including the day-to-day tasks we do on the job – a lot easier.