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5 Essential Workforce Planning Tools for any HR professional

Analytics in HR

Workforce planning tools are an essential part of the HR professional’s toolkit. In this article we’ll go over 5 strategic workforce planning tools, explain their use and give examples and excel templates on how to use them. What are workforce planning tools?

HR’s New Year Resolution: Move Up the Workforce Intelligence Maturity Curve


While workforce analytics and workforce planning are increasing in priority , most organizations have not progressed to take advantage of the opportunity that workforce data provides. Annual headcount planning occurs in spreadsheets.

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Why Being Data-Driven Isn’t Enough


In the past, HR created operational reporting by doing data dictionary projects, data management projects, data cleansing projects, data integration and consolidation projects, and data visualization projects. At first glance, each scenario presents the employer with limited options.

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The Immutable Laws of Compensation (Part 2)

Compensation Cafe

We present the remaining three to you in today's post, beginning with the Third. Third Corollary: Managers and employees will always believe that low pay (especially their own) is the direct result of the compensation team not properly understanding the “real” market.

Your Guide to AI Talent Acquisition


Long-range workforce planning and finding specialists, top executives, and strategically important talent are critical pieces of talent acquisition. . Workforce Planning and Strategy. Based on this information, develop a strategic plan to meet those demands.

Be careful! These books can change your career: People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list

Littal Shemer

The book covers the full People Analytics scope (Benefits, Compensation, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement, Leadership, Learning & Development, Personality Traits, Performance Management, Recruitment, Sales Incentives) with numerous real-world examples, and shows how R can help”.

What HR Transformations are on the Horizon?


Digital technology provides managers and employees direct access to increasing amounts of information, insights, tools and expertise. To fully leverage digital technology’s potential, HR must rethink its organization structure, processes and roles, and shift its primary focus away from administration and transaction processing to delivering people-management capabilities that drive superior performance. assignments with a fixed duration and specific reward plans).

How Digital Tech is Changing HR


Digital technology provides managers and employees direct access to increasing amounts of information, insights, tools and expertise. We will be presenting more on this topic at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition ® in Las Vegas in October.

How to increase job satisfaction and improve employee engagement

Effortless HR

Employee engagement is a vast paradigm that almost touches all parts of Human Resource Management. Managers around the world focus to enhance productivity and efficiency. Robinson , a leading management theorist, has defined employee engagement as “a positive attitude held by the employee towards the organization and the organizational values. Job satisfaction is of one the key characteristics to improve employee engagement and increase organizational performance.

HR TechStack – Workforce Management


Workforce Management Software Definition. Workforce Management software helps organizations plan, manage, and track employee work, including labor requirements, employee schedules, and paid time off (PTO). Track employee attendance and workforce competencies.