Want More Employee Productivity? Figure Out Their “Flow”

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I was excited to see that flow is one of the topics being covered at this year’s WorkHuman conference powered by Globoforce. Catherine] Flow is a mental state of being so fully engaged in a task that you lose track of time and place. In each case, there was something really hard and worthwhile about the task, each had a clear end game, each was challenging, and I knew how I was doing as I worked, which kept me at it as time and worries faded.

Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – #SHRM16 Edition

HR Bartender

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who attended my breakout session on manager onboarding. Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce , authored “ The Crowdsourced Performance Review.” Cuddy’s TED talk on “ Your body language shapes who you are ” is the second most viewed talk of all time. Oh, and put plans in your budget to attend #SHRM17 in New Orleans, June 18-21, 2017.

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25 Employee Engagement Activities To Reinvent Your Workforce

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The truth is that most managers treat employee engagement as a one-time thing. You are probably thinking that this is a waste of your company’s time and money. One of the many benefits of side projects is that it forces the employees to think outside the box , to get their creative juices flowing and to effectively manage their time. It will save everyone’s time. Nap Times. Meditation time to manage work-life stress.

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


The HR women in this list include numerous leaders across a number of different industries and organization sizes, who have a great wealth of experience in developing and executing strategies, managing talent and improving how HR is operating alongside regularly sharing articles, insights and open discussions into best practices. Ann Schulte , Global Leader, Learning & Leadership Development, Procter & Gamble. Inside Sales, Regional Sales and a Career Program Evangelist.