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HR’s Role in the Post-Bureaucratic Organization


So basically it refers to power held by people in big offices. WorkHuman 2016 speaker Dr. Gary Hamel, director of the Management Innovation eXchange , is not a fan of bureaucracy (to put it lightly). How can HR leaders be better facilitators of deep management innovation?

How to Build a Recruitment Operations Team


Recruitment operations is a talent acquisition function designed to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s recruiting processes, policies, and technology. Some even define it as part of existing HR shared services. HR function?

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What is Organizational Development? A Complete Guide

Digital HR Tech

Organizational development is an often-heard term and a key organizational function. Build capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness. The last part of our definition states that organizational development applies to changes in strategy, structure, and/or processes.

HR Software. Will Technology Swallow Up HR?

HR Cloud

Is software about to eat HR? The question, raised in a LinkedIn forum , was in reference to to Marc Andreesen’s iconic comment, “Software is eating the world.”Andreessen Is software, and all the “disruption” it brings, about to swallow up HR? Is software about to swallow up HR?

Norconsult Embraces HR Disruption Head On


With continued global expansion, the business recognised the need to better manage its most important asset—its people. I caught up with Guro Ruud Cedell, Norconsult’s head of human resources, to discuss how the business disrupted its approach to HR to better engage its people. How did your HR landscape look before you made the decision to transform it, and what were the main business drivers for doing so? Do you have any examples of day-to-day HR tasks that changed? .

Skills ontology based digital HR

It's Your Skills

But now I am forced to take the least bad… HR Manager, Auto Parts Manufacturer. This a challenge, we see this every day at the HR desk, Yes, it is an accepted fact and but it is just one side of a coin. Skills ontology based digital HR can speed up the change management due to business transformations. HR functions are finding different solutions to fill the gap between the Demand and Supply.