Cafe Classic: Solving the Dilemma of Pay Progression Over Time

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Meanwhile, payroll increases are budgeted relative to that market movement rate, to reflect merit or other competitive trend matches to keep pace with the appropriate peer-comparison market. Base Salaries compa-ratio pay competitiveness pay progression

The 100 HR Indicators Every Manager Needs to Know


Offer acceptation rate Referral hire rate Re-hire rate Interviewee satisfaction rate (in relation to the recruitment process) #5 – Internal Movement Indicators Promotion Rate: the number of employees that have been promoted in comparison to the total number of employees.

Lights! Camera! Action!!

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Compa-ratios (comparison of pay to a salary range midpoint). Low compa-ratios that indicate you're not paying your salary ranges. When you’re trying to grab the attention of Senior Management, remember that they like a good story, especially one with pictures. .