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10 vital HR metrics to track for your business

Business Management Daily

How are organizations using HR analytics to increase employee recruitment and retention? Dr. Rigolizzo: Regarding recruitment, thoughtful data can reveal built-in biases that keep you away from qualified candidates. There are many ways to use it down to where recruitment dollars should go. Does it matter if we do an interview?

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4 steps to Building a Business Case for D&I


High-performing employees might decide to leave the organization out of frustration with the lack of inclusion, and recruiting new employees will be more difficult. Not only will creating a more diverse and inclusive organization increase your recruiting pool, it can help you recruit more competitively.


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Ask Visier: How Do You Determine if Your Organization Pays Equitably?


Then, you can look closer at the people in your workforce and use a compa-ratio calculation to indicate how close a person’s base pay is to the pay level midpoint for their role. If you find some groups have a lower than average compa-ratio, it’s likely that pay decisions aren’t being made equitably.

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HR Cloud Integrates with Applicant Tracking Software Maker COMPAS

HR Cloud

HR Cloud is proud to announce its newest integration with COMPAS recruiting software. By combining HR Cloud with COMPAS technology we have ensured that companies using COMPAS to recruit will have their candidates efficiently onboarded into their organizations.

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U.S. states are not ‘waiting on Congress’ to regulate AI


This week, compensation market data org Compa publicized $10 million Series A funding led by Storm Ventures. Pay transparency is Compa’s focus. HRE’s sister publication, HRM Asia , wrote about measuring applicant trust in AI-enabled hiring tools. More from HRE Are job seekers receptive to being assessed by AI?

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A Guide to Compensation Analysis

Analytics in HR

If you need a snapshot to understand the cost per employee, you may conduct a “Headcount analysis” to provide an accurate picture of staffing levels and compensation per employee. One of the most common calculations that is in most compensation analysis is the salary compa ratio , or comparative ration. A final word.

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How Facebook Is Recruiting Exceptional Talent Today


Let’s examine Facebook’s magnetic appeal and see how we can all learn from it to recruit exceptional talent. Facebook Recruitment Relies on Fit, Unique Tactics, and the Ability to Change. We want to connect to our candidates in the recruiting or inter-viewing process pretty deeply.” Uses internal resources to attract recruits.