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4 Ways to Make Your Company More Inclusive for Women


For instance, rather than a “maternity leave policy,” create a “parental leave policy” that treats mothers and fathers equally. It’s called the double bind : Women must provide more evidence of their competence but are penalized for being too assertive. Timely: How often will you look at the relevant data? In some instances, anonymity can help and products like Tinypulse a n d SurveyMonkey are great for these touch points. hiring Company Culture Diversity

Expert Roundtable: Why Digital Transformation in HR Means More Than Tech

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Digital tools can also help amplify the diversity of our workforce by facilitating hiring and management of geographically dispersed workers. The transformation also requires moving data to the cloud and making it accessible across the organization. SL Digital transformation does not equal HR technology. I promote the alternative practice of hiring for potential and recruiting on the basis of minimum needed competency rather than maximum qualifications.

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We love competing with greatness! TINYpulse Blog. What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Diversity Insight. Diversity. Data-Driven Recruitment. Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity & Inclusion (Eliminating Bias (including Gender, Race, Age, Disability)). 10 Examples of Awesome Diversity Statements. Diversity. The Top 20 Job Boards for Diversity Hiring. Diversity and Inclusion. Data and Automation.

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While communication tools like Slack, Email, Zoom, etc provide ways to collaborate with your team, equally important is the need to understand personality types, common interests, and the personal why of an individual. It’s time to throw away the resume, ditch your interview process, and start looking at the data and science. Instead, try hiring competent and dependable people as first and use their achievements as templated for future hires. TINYpulse.