Peer Recognition, Culture and Going the Extra Mile

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All these are good answers, but a new study from TINYpulse that analyzed over 200,000 employee responses relating to organizational culture found that peers and camaraderie are the #1 reason employees go the extra mile. What motivates employees? It is money? Feeling valued at work?

Let’s Redefine Employee Engagement in 2016


Disclosure: This post contains a quote and link to one of my clients, TinyPulse. Data isn’t timely. Attitudes, internal champions, and data are critical factors for engagement—but they can also be distracting if they aren’t used appropriately.

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How Pulse Surveys Improve Glassdoor Scores


We compiled data on all organizations with Glassdoor ratings, and segmented them by organizations that do and do not use TINYpulse Engage. We wanted to see how companies using pulsing feedback fared on Glassdoor. Employee Engagement

How to Power Your Company Culture with Data and Feedback Loops


That’s why adding objectivity and data into the equation is crucial. In some cases, a place that supports anonymity like Tinypulse may be best, but it can also help to have a open conversations with smaller teams about the results and about your organization's culture more broadly.

2018 Trends of Employee Engagement


Here at TINYpulse, we see engagement data every day, as one of the industry leaders in collecting continuous feedback from employees. Employee engagement may not be the best term for the pratice of creating happier and more productive employees, but the goals just stated are still top of mind for the most ambitious and growth-minded companies going in to 2018.

The Best HR Tech for Mid-Market Companies


The company offers an interactive and highly customizable survey platform that provides enterprise-level reporting and data. TINYPulse. TINYPulse is a platform designed to improve the company culture in any given workplace by boosting employee performance and engagement.

Improve Employee Engagement with These 11 Survey Tools


Scored Surveys And Questionnaires Knowledge with survey questions Image And Video Support Predefined Custom Themes Welcome And Thank You Pages Embed Surveys On Websites Or Blogs Send Surveys Via Email View Data As Charts And Graphs. View survey data. TinyPulse. Why Use TinyPulse?

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8 Ways HR Teams Can Use Tech to Encourage Productivity


Software like TINYpulse enables HR to gather anonymous feedback to gauge employee happiness, while using actionable data to help build a healthy culture. Increased Access to Meaningful Data. Human resource professionals play a crucial role in a business’s success.

16 Best employee engagement software to boost your employee performance in 2019


TINYPulse. It provides managers with access to easy-to-use data, which gives precision to decision-making and helps them identify where best to invest time and money to drive improvement. One thing that sets apart Peakon is how they are more a data company than a regular survey company.

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Employee Satisfaction: Learning from the Happiest Industries


One of the most interesting and surprising studies we’ve recently discovered, conducted by TINYpulse, surveyed more than 30,000 employees working at over 500 different companies on overall job satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a critical element in corporate success.

Expert Roundtable: Why Digital Transformation in HR Means More Than Tech

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The transformation also requires moving data to the cloud and making it accessible across the organization. Digital transformation has evolved from a buzzword to a real business requirement that means different things for different industries.

Top 10 Employee Engagement Tools for 2019

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As there are numerous HR tools for employee engagement out there — to survey your workers, set up goals, provide feedback, praise good work and analyze the data in the best way possible — we’ve narrowed down the 10 best employee engagement tools in one article for you. TINYpulse.

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#TChat Recap: The Hot HR Technology Trends Of 2015


Cloud computing, HR data management, talent analytics and best of breed and integrated HR and talent acquisition and management systems continue to be hot trends in the HR tech space. — TINYpulse (@TINYpulse) September 2, 2015.

The Career Development Gap – Why Employees Think There’s No Growth Opportunity

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That’s a key finding from a recent white paper produced by TINYPulse, a firm that specializes in gathering data on employee engagement and satisfaction. When it comes to advancing their careers, employees aren’t feeling the love.

How often should you take the pulse of your employee engagement?

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They then compile your data and display it on a dashboard. According to an article in Canadian Business , there are several Pulse survey startups like Plasticity , Know Your Company , TinyPulse , Waggl, and Niko Niko , in addition to OfficeVibe.

The Recognition Statistics You Need to Share With Your Leaders


We cite a lot of data and research in our posts, so we thought we’d compile together an article with the best and most enlightening of these statistics in the hopes that it’d be helpful to you—because honestly, it’s helpful for us to have everything in one place, too! ??. Data from the U.S.

The 6 best tools for tracking employee morale


They also provide data, which is great for two reasons. Second, data is a quantifiable means of showing off a thriving and happy team to job candidates. TINYPulse helps leaders take the pulse of their company atmosphere by sending one survey question, once a week to employees. TINYPulse also provides “Virtual Suggestions” feature, which enables employees to voice their ideas and solutions and “Cheers of Peers,” a way for them to acknowledge their colleagues’ good work.

Is IT a profession in trouble?

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These individuals developed applications, integrated systems, architected data structures, and were responsible for many of the most strategic technologies in business. So I asked TINYpulse, an engagement survey company, to look at some data. Why IT professionals feel left out.

5 Tips to Master Employee Engagement in 2017

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Similarly, TINYpulse’s 2015 report discovered that peers and colleagues are what employees love most about their jobs. Measure your efforts with an online form tool or data collection platform to conduct thorough annual, semi-annual, or quarterly employee engagement surveys.

20 Surprising Employee Retention Statistics You Need to Know


According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , three million employees have left their job voluntarily every month since June 2017. Collaborative research from Owl Labs and TINYpulse found that supporting a remote work program can have a meaningful impact on employee retention.

Let’s Redefine Employee Engagement In 2016


Disclosure: This post contains a quote and link to one of my clients, TinyPulse. Data isn’t timely. Attitudes, internal champions, and data are critical factors for engagement—but they can also be distracting if they aren’t used appropriately. As TinyPulse, a company that offers real-time engagement reports, aptly describes : “Listening to your employees is a great way to build trust.”. If you feel like you’re in a rut at work, you aren’t alone.

Respectful Workplaces Don’t Happen by Default

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Join us in Savannah, GA on March 8-9, 2018 and access proven strategies for fostering talent, nurturing employee wellness, strengthening the employment brand, and other data-backed tips to boost employee retention and business performance.

100 Fun Office Games and Activities That Make Work Awesome


TINYpulse. When I asked Sabrina Son at TINYpulse how their company has fun, she shared this hilariously titled game: One of our favorite activities at TINYpulse is playing simple office games like Werewolf or Eat Poop, You Cat. Werewolf at TINYPulse HQ.

HR Disruption: Trends and opportunities


As such, traditional command and control management models are giving way to innovative, contingent and data driven non-hierarchical structures focussed on the customer, the product or ‘the mission’ And organisations with offers that are starting to feel anachronistic?

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The Millennial Who Brought Her Cat to an Interview, and other #Compference16 Insights

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Rusty Lindquist, VP of HCM Strategy, Intellectual Property & Product Marketing at BambooHR cited data from The Conference Board showing that the most critical issue cited by CEOs three years in a row has been “human capital.”

Org Chart Software Could Save Your Waning Employee Engagement


A TinyPulse employee engagement study found that one of the top five reasons employee engagement drops is because employees feel disconnected from their peers. Games that help employees match names and profile data to faces.

3 Must-Haves for Employee Recognition


Unfortunately, according to TINYpulse’s Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Report , just 21% of employees feel strongly valued at work. Our internal data shows that only 30% of employees received any kind of recognition from their bosses during the past two weeks.

21 HR tools designed for growing companies


These tests are designed by Harvard psychologists and help you assess candidates more objectively with quantifiable data. TINYPulse : An app that helps you survey employees and identify trends through a metrics dashboard.

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11 Easy Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover


It's important to collect the data carefully, understanding that all turnover isn't equal and that how you measure employee turnover makes a difference. Remember that gathering qualitative data through engagement surveys and other means is also important.

A Finger on the Employee Pulse


We all know that employee surveys provide very usable and valuable data. But how much employee input do you need, and how often should you be asking for it?

Re-Humanizing Performance Management


In fact, employees that don’t feel recognized when they do great work are almost two times as likely to be job hunting, according to a TINYpulse employee retention report. As a result, you can gather the data that you need from your employees in a way that meets your company processes and culture. There once was a world where human capital was plentiful. There were countless qualified potential recruits just waiting to be hired by companies.

What You Need to Know About the Cost of Employee Turnover


We recommend conducting exit interviews , analyzing the data, and sharing it with leadership in order to diagnose the leading causes of turnover. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.6 percent of workers leave their place of employment each month.

Why HR Leaders need to invest in Employee Experience - Sapling Blog


TinyPulse)Amazingly, even as leaders know the critical nature of the employee experience, too few think that they should have much to do with this. 2018 has been referred to as the “Year of the Employee Experience” by a number of sources.

5 Reasons to Allow Employees to Work From Home

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A TinyPulse survey found that: 91 percent of workers believe they’re more productive at home. It gives your employees a sense of freedom, which in turn leads to feeling more satisfied with their job, according to a study by The Office Club : “The data shows that as employees gain more control and autonomy in their positions, job satisfaction rises in tandem. The idea of letting employees work from home can be scary: Will their work slip?

How to Transform Business Through Company Culture


Weekly pulse surveys: Pulse surveys administered weekly through your intranet or other tools such as TINYPulse or Culture Amp can be a good way to gauge your employees’ attitudes in a more real-time fashion. This post originally appeared in Incentive Mag.

How to Sell Employee Recognition to a Skeptical Executive


Below are some of the most common misconceptions among senior leadership regarding recognition, and the hard data you'll need to dispel those myths. Use recognition platform data to analyze who is giving and receiving recognition across time, location, team, and demographics.

One Step You Can Take To Make Employees Happy

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TINYpulse gets to the point, stating “Reduce Employee Turnover by 72 %” on its website. Niko Niko adds a dollop of cute, compiling survey data into colorful happy-face mood graphs. Birchbox does them. So does Quirky.