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What is knowledge management strategy?

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You need a knowledge management strategy. Put simply, knowledge management is the way an organisation shares information. The solution: you need a knowledge management strategy. What is a knowledge management strategy? The end goal of all knowledge management is a state of organised nirvana: where anything an employee might need to know is easily accessible and said employee knows how to find it. Intranet or knowledge base.

Knowledge Management 2.0.: Using AI to Knock Down Silos and Unlock Productivity


Half of our modern economy is built on knowledge workers and knowledge-based work. But “knowledge management” as a concept carries a lot of baggage. Effective knowledge sharing within a company–which involves a lot more than just maintaining an internal wiki– directly impacts productivity and revenue. Breaking down knowledge silos. Engineers develop an increasingly-complex code base behind the product.


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How To Turn Employees Into Active Users Of Corporate Knowledge


When launching their knowledge-management initiatives, organizations often resemble oil-extraction companies. They start to drill their knowledge wells and rub their hands in anticipation of the upcoming boost to their business. However, knowledge management often turns out to be even harder than real oil extraction from the entrails of the Earth. That is, even with such a sustainable resource as knowledge, few companies succeed in making a good use of it.

10 Best Help Desk Software to Totally Check out in 2020!


The business world has not snubbed this observation and is competing to deliver the best solutions instantly and raise the standard of customer service. The context-aware help desk software can help you manage and close numerous requests through multiple channels.

Four key skills successful managers have in common


By Emil Hajric Managing people is a skill that comes naturally to some, while others have to work hard to master the main aspects of what can be an unavoidably tricky task. Being able to assess an individual’s ability to manage others successfully is especially important from an HR perspective. You will need to establish what attributes a great manager brings to the table so you can work towards uncovering them during the recruitment process.

Here’s How Digital Collaboration Tools Are Improving Communication


For many organizations, systems with a knowledge base—such as SocialChorus, Digital Signal, Ryver, ServiceNow and Zendesk—can increase employee engagement, eliminate paper processes and make information available faster and in more useful ways for employees. Kaufman adds that customers report 16 percent higher productivity, 11 percent less turnover and 20 percent faster adoption of company initiatives. We still see risks with knowledge management-based tools.

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