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5 Keys: How to Become an Inspirational Leader


The answer: Very important. CEOs are focusing on leadership development opportunities for their workforce more than ever to maximize business performance and encourage their employees to reach their full potential. But there are some proven ways to bring out the leader in you.

10 Smart Strategies to Enhance Employee Experience

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For years, business owners and HR managers have focused on improving employee engagement—and with good reason. Basically, to achieve their goals, businesses need to focus on improving employee experience. What is Employee Experience? Head off potential problems at the pass.

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Continuous assessment: 4 Ways managers can support employee development

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Tend to the people, and they will tend to the business.” A recent study by Gallup revealed that all employees appreciate some form of feedback from their superiors. An even smaller percentage (17%) viewed the feedback they receive as meaningful.

6 benefits of effective recognition [infographic]

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Recognition has been proven to boost engagement, improve retention, and be the leading cause of great work. But leaders and innovators around the world utilize even more benefits of meaningful appreciation. Recognition Delivers Performance Metrics.

Hiring in the Fitness Industry: Effective Employee Engagement & Retention Strategy


The fitness industry has gone through many transformations and challenges over the decades. As unemployment rates fall lower in the fitness industry, businesses do not have as much power as they used to and employee job-hopping has become a normal thing.

Seven People Analytics Responsibilities of the Future CHRO


In previous weeks, I shared job descriptions for the Leader of the People Analytics function and the HR Business Partner Manager of the future. As promised here is the people analytics-focused responsibilities for the CHRO role.

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Cutting-Edge Company Culture Examples: Introducing “What Culture Could Be”


Successful entrepreneurs may start with a great idea — but they succeed because they enable innovation, stellar results, alignment to the mission, and a willingness to go into battle together. Great cultures drive exceptional business results, not the other way around.

Preventing Employee Burnout

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For many employees, the holidays can be stressful both at home and at work. While having a negative relationship with a direct supervisor is the leading cause of disengagement, there is a close second that has been becoming more prominent over the past few years: employee burnout.

Are You Using These 5 Proven Employee Retention Strategies?


Recently, Kazoo’s Director of Employee Experience sat down to discuss employee retention strategies in 5 Tried-and-True Ways to Boost Retention , a webinar based on the latest industry research and Kazoo’s first-hand experience with helping hundreds of organizations. Below, we touch on the employee retention secrets mentioned in the webinar. For in-depth details on each strategy, be sure to listen to the full webinar.

3 Fundamentals in Keeping Your Nonprofit Employees Engaged

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As the leader of a nonprofit, you’re pulled in a lot of directions. While you compete for funding and funnel as much of every dollar into your beneficiaries as you can, it’s crucial not to overlook the foundation of your organization.

The Quick Guide to Recognition in the Healthcare Industry


Are you eager to improve employee engagement in the healthcare industry? Before diving straight into the “how” behind Bayhealth Medical Center’s success, let’s take a look at some unsettling facts that are disrupting healthcare. . The burnout rate amongst nurses is 70 percent.

12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change


Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Employee Engagement. 12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change. 12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change.

21 fresh employee engagement ideas

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Taylor, PHR, The HR Writer When a workplace is filled with happy and engaged employees, the culture takes on a life of its own. It’s nearly impossible to not get caught up in the enthusiasm of these organizations. Publically let employees know you notice their efforts.

22 Employee Engagement Survey Questions and Why to Ask Them


Engaged employees are your top performers. Other employees gravitate towards them. But employees who are disengaged or dissatisfied also affect your organization. According to recent research, disengaged employees cost the U.S. After the survey.

The importance of employee recognition


The importance of employee recognition is often overlooked – are you aware of the impact? Employee recognition is essential for motivating, retaining and fully engaging our employees. What employee recognition is – and what it isn’t.