Sat.May 18, 2024

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7 Networking Email Templates & Examples


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US OFCCP Puts Federal Contractors and HR Tech Providers on Notice – Signaling a Shift Towards Responsible AI


The US Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has released its crucial initial guidance regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence by federal contractors in hiring and employment. This significant […] The post US OFCCP Puts Federal Contractors and HR Tech Providers on Notice – Signaling a Shift Towards Responsible AI first appeared on WorkTech.


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People First Policies: How to Create a Competency Development Plan

HR Digest

If there’s one thing we know about employee-centric investments, it’s that you can never go wrong with a good competency development plan. Empowering employees to develop and hone their skills is not just a nice-to-have, but a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to stay ahead of the curve. At the heart of this endeavor lies the concept of competency development plans for employees – a systematic approach to nurturing the essential skills, knowledge, and behaviors that drive indi

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30+ Employee Termination Email/Letter Templates


Navigating employee termination can be challenging, but effective communication through a well-crafted termination letter can ease the process. This guide aims to equip HR professionals and managers with employee termination letter templates to handle terminations respectfully and legally. Understanding the key components, different types of termination letters, and best practices for writing them ensures that both the company and the employee experience a smooth transition.

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How to Conquer These 4 Top-of-Mind HR Challenges

It’s a never-ending tightrope act, trying to find the balance between creating benefits offerings that adapt to the uniqueness of your people, managing your own time and resources, and maintaining the organization’s bottom line. And the ever-changing policies and laws can make cultivating a competitive employee benefits strategy feel impossible. Whether you’re concerned about adapting to new pay transparency laws, managing global benefits packages, return-to-office mandates, or 401(k) and retire