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Solidifying a Competitive Advantage with Engagement Benchmarking

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As our exposure to Big Data progresses exponentially, analytics and BI are playing an increasing role in overall corporate strategy. Few departments are exempt from regularly analyzing and reporting metrics to the C-suite, and long-term tracking of this data is invaluable. Benchmarking enables companies to compare organizational metrics with their peers and competitors, confirming strengths and opportunities for improvement. Enter sentiment analysis.

Digitalizing Finance: How CFOs Can Take Part In The Digital Transformation Agenda

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While this strategy keeps most business areas busy, the finance function is frequently left out. According to the CFO research study “ Thriving in the Digital Economy: Four Reasons Why Finance Is Excited About the Future ,” 60% of finance executives and professionals indicate that they are ill-equipped to produce meaningful business analysis and reporting that can keep up with the pace of change the rest of the company is experiencing.

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Rise of the HR Technology (HRtech) Pro


HR professionals are increasingly welcoming of new tech and this has changed the way employee engagement, performance measurement, and data analysis are done. IT departments are not measured by employee recruiting, retention, and engagement metrics. Analytical. Talent analytics is a hot buzzword in HR, but sophisticated algorithms and big-data solutions are many, and choosing the right ones can often the main challenge.

SocialChorus’ Webinar with New York Times Digital Guru, Cliff Levy


A two-time Pulitzer prize winner, he brought his dynamic insight into creating an internal communications strategy for our new multi-channel world. It really is about testing new ideas and analyzing the metrics, which could be open rates and click-through-rates depending on the platform.

Four Reasons Financial Leaders Are Optimistic About The Future Of Finance

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While financial professionals still handle traditional areas related to finance, they are increasingly getting involved in departments such as sales, corporate strategy, and business development. Since finance executives manage the metrics of the company, they believe their influence will expand into corporate functions such as procurement, risk management, information technology, and supply chain management. Need for better analytical tools.

2019 Outlook for Finance: Leading through Turbulent Times


Many CFOs are a bit pessimistic headed into 2019, and I recently read some survey results where almost half of them expected some form of recession to occur by the end of the year or into 2020,” says Betsy Bland, vice president, corporate strategy at Workday. Having the right technology to support your business is critical, says Tim Wakeford, vice president, financials product strategy, EMEA at Workday.

A new business paradigm

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What we found, after detailed analysis of the data and many interviews with business leaders, is that businesses today are entering a whole new era of management: one that is focusing on the businesses less as a “company” and more as an “institution,” integrated into the entire social fabric of society. 65 percent of companies surveyed now rate “inclusive growth” as one of their top three goals, eclipsing strategies like “growing market share” or “being the category leader.”.


A new business paradigm


65 percent of companies surveyed now rate “inclusive growth” as one of their top three goals, eclipsing strategies like “growing market share” or “being the category leader.”. We now need a set of strategies, investments, and values that reflect the broader role businesses play in our society.


The C-Suite Gets an Upgrade

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By essentially saying that the business and its leader are one and the same, we don’t leave much room for true data-driven strategy. As other top executives also turn to AI to inform their input into corporate strategy, the effect will be amplified across the entire C-suite (collectively known as CXOs). Short-term strategy. Insisting that the entire company take an opt-in approach to such tools is a respectful policy that furthers corporate goals.

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