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Applicant Tracking Systems: Everything to Know & Look for in an ATS By: ClearCompany Updated: December 2017. What is an Applicant Tracking System? How Do Applicant Tracking Systems Work? Applicant Tracking System Benefits.

BirdDogHR Expands Job Distribution via Glassdoor Alignment with Google Jobs


BirdDogHR has a long and rich history of partnering with Glassdoor for native job distribution via the BirdDogHR Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS). BirdDogHR has a very unique relationship with Glassdoor in comparison to other ATS offerings on the market.

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Should You Buy an ATS for Your Recruiting Company?


Sure, you can easily rattle off the textbook answer: Applicant Tracking System. For example, statistics show 70%-76% of applicants are hired through companies utilizing some form of an ATS.

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How AI Eliminates Hiring Biases Across the Entire Recruitment Process


public school system. Because AI can learn from the datasets it analyzes, these systems can not only focus on traits highly correlated with effectiveness, but also traits that are linked to effectiveness over time. Applicant Tracking. Screening Interviews.

7 Tactics To Help You Hire Better


There are lots of options out there, increasingly including more advanced technology like machine learning and AI for quick sourcing and screening (a computer can go through 300 resumes much faster than a human being can).

3 Ways to Update Your Hiring Process for the Digital Age


The answer is Applicant Tracking Systems. A powerful ATS can eliminate the time-consuming task of going through piles and piles of resumes, while (at the same time) enhancing the hiring experience for each applicant.

Top 10 Must have Technological Skills for every HR profession

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Whether it is getting a non-performing employee fired, tracking the attendance report of a project team, dealing with the personal issues of an employee, discussing a retention possibility with a talented employee on a notice period, and more, they do it all! Having basic knowledge of how a social media tool or platform works will allow the HR function to screen various potential job candidates, give them cold calls, check the history of new recruits, and so on.

How to Avoid HR Automation’s Biggest Traps


Throw in the need to do scheduling by hand, applicant tracking and hiring without any computer programs to help you sort and compare and keep all those resumes and interview notes straight, and relying on single, slow face-to-face meetings as the only way to see how your employees are doing… yikes.

Top 31 Pre-Employment Assessment Tools [And Counting]

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the number of assessments, number of applicants etc). Interview Mocha is an online skill testing solution to make pre-hire screening quick and easy for employers. Nord Stream 2, Varian Medical Systems, Swiss Re.

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How to Double the Number of Applications for Your Job Postings?

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” Right from screening to selecting, resume parsing, making background checks, and what not! Secondly , responding to each candidate application ensures positive sentiments regarding your organization. Every business wants qualified applicants- people that meet your requirements.

Understand Important Trends in Recruiting and Hiring in 10 Minutes


Applicant Screening. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can be very valuable, especially if they tie in to your HR system. Provides a comparison of what’s needed vs. current status to drive the targeted capacity. Screening in Modern Society.

9 Ways to Become a Strategic Talent Advisor to Your Business, According to John Vlastelica

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At Adidas’s headquarters in Germany, John says the recruiting team uses its applicant tracking system (ATS) to not only analyze how long the company spent on average at each stage of the hiring process, but also in comparison to other departments and the company averages.