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What Other Employers Can Learn From Uber: Recognizing and Combating Sexism in the Workplace

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Start with a gender earnings comparison – through a compensation analytics tool or via spreadsheet – to see if there are any uncovered pay inequities in your organization. Ensure that jobs are benchmarked accurately, and understand where comparable employees are paid in the range for that role, as well as how their experience, degrees, certifications and expertise have impacted that pay. HR Management gender discrimination gender pay gap sexual harassment

Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of October 2018

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Clean data? In his article, he focuses on the idea that HR professionals shouldn’t put the data first, but instead, they should concentrate on asking the right questions. If you start with the data, you can easily end up in the land of “So what?”

4 Commandments for Successful Onboarding


Having a clearly outlined process not only makes it easier to be sure that every new hire has the skills and tools needed for him or her to succeed, it ensures that the company is not discriminating in any of the policies or practices. It is vital to remove the assessment subjectivity among new hires and current employees through a candidate market medium comparison.