Workforce Planning 101 [Infographic]


As Vice President of Workforce Management Practice and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group Mollie Lombardi wrote in this Workforce Planning blog post last year: “Workforce planning is tricky business. Not just because of the complexity entailed in the process, but because if you ask four people what workforce planning is, you’ll likely wind up with five definitions.”. So, what is Workforce Planning?

Managing Costs through Workforce Planning


With the evolution of workforce planning, this is both unnecessary and unwise. Workforce planning provides a platform by which cost-cutting can be a quantitative precision exercise where outcomes are more certain and the ability of the organization to remain effective can be preserved.

Driving Innovative Business Models through Workforce Planning


Workforce planning is one of the most critical competencies for an HR organization. Workforce planning can help a business answer questions ranging from how many people it needs, where they should be located, what jobs they should do, how much they should be paid, and even whether they should be working for your company. That’s where workforce planning comes in. My previous post discusses the fundamentals of workforce planning. Blogs

The 5 Steps of Analytics-Driven Workforce Planning

Analytics in HR

To determine how to align and sustain these three objectives, HR uses some form of workforce planning. Instead, HR and workforce planners should be looking to people analytics to enable them to make better strategic decisions. Data vizualisation of a workforce plan.

Unlocking the Benefits of Workforce Planning


Great talent, and the organizational success that follows from it, are almost always the result of careful planning. common sense that workforce. the benefits that planning deliver or there are problems in execution. benefits of workforce planning. planning process.

3 Workforce Planning Tips for Project-Based Businesses


Face it: Personnel planning is never going to be super flexible if you’re stuck using static, error-prone spreadsheets. With Excel, modeling different scenarios is a time-intensive undertaking—manually manipulating data and cross-checking assumptions. But if you swap out those clunky spreadsheets for the right business planning tool , scenario planning takes mere seconds and a few clicks of a button. Mine Historical Data for Seasonal Trends and Internal Challenges.

5 Questions for Paul Hamerman on Financial and Workforce Planning


Hamerman, who will be our guest speaker in a July 18 webinar , answers five key questions that we believe organizations should consider when exploring workforce and financial planning approaches in today’s business world. . How are organizations using workforce planning to help their organizations grow and thrive in today’s economy? There are several established use cases for workforce planning and modeling capabilities. Paul Hamerman. Paul D.



Among the chaos, do you think your workforce plan is ready to kick into gear come 02 January 2019? DEFINING SWP – STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING. Plan for the worst and hope for the best is the most practical approach in the disruptive nature of today’s business realm.

Workforce Planning to Defend Your Agency’s Budget


” Fortunately, through modern workforce planning and analytics solutions , you can defend budget proposals with precise data which directly speaks to ROI-benefiting outcomes. Avoid passive “firefighting” reactions to staffing developments through dashboards and reports, which enable you to stay on top of imminent workforce trends. Dashboard-enabled insights align current and expected budget allocations with planned hiring and attrition totals.

How Hershey Used Data to Increase Retention Rates and Improve Workforce Planning

Linkedin Talent Blog

In order to proactively plan for hiring needs ahead of time, Hershey needed a systematic process to predict attrition. Sean and Emilie embraced people analytics because they knew how to drive results with data: now they’re putting those skills into action. “We

5 Steps to Improve Talent Acquisition Through Better Data Analysis


5 Steps to Improve Talent Acquisition Through Better Data Analysis. These blueprints are developed as a process allowing rapid and accurate production of all the building elements creating an architectural plan. Look at the four pieces of your talent acquisition game plan.

What is HR Data Analytics & How Do We Leverage It?

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Data is now the most valuable currency in the world. But in contrast to the murky ethics of sourcing and selling consumer-driven data , leveraging internal HR data analytics to make better workforce decisions has been a key Human Resources best practice for decades.

Workforce Planners: 4 Steps to Improving Profit Margins for Services


To further complicate things, when dealing with a multi-year project, the workforce will likely become more expensive within the contract’s lifetime. Data from our aggregated database of 3.5 For professional services firms, keeping a close eye on rising workforce costs is crucial.


Geo targeted jobs data show Amazon’s next smart home installation markets

Burning Glass Technologies

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Visual Storytelling for HR: Are Infographics or Data Visualizations the Keys to Success?


Sometimes when people think they may need an infographic, they actually need a data visualization. So, how do you know when you need an infographic and when you need data visualization? Check out this example of an Infographic, which provides a “101” lesson on Workforce Planning.

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Giving a voice to the voiceless with technology

The Aristocracy of HR

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Scenario Planning Basics for Strategic Talent Planning in a Brexit World


As Stephen Taylor describes in the HR textbook, People Resourcing , organisations that had acted on plans to manage the feared shortage were sometimes worse off than organisations that did not develop elaborate strategies. Step 2: Know Your Total Cost of Workforce. Workforce Planning

How to Develop Data-Analytics Skills in HR

Analytics in HR

The ability to analyze and extract valuable insights from workforce data is an increasingly sought-after skill in HR. But adding data-analytics competency in the HR staff is a challenge. Data Analytics Training Options. Analytics News & Blogs

You Are Who You Hire: Using Jobs Data for Competitive Intelligence

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Recruiters often say “you are who you hire,” but the real trick is turning jobs data into a useful source of competitive intelligence. Real-time jobs data can offer important insight into other companies—or for that matter, your own company.

HR Happy Hour #201: Putting the Fun Into Analytics

HR Ringleader

A few weeks ago, Steve and I had the opportunity to record a HR Happy Hour episode with Mike Psenka, SVP of Workforce Solutions at Equifax and Edward Pertwee, Strategic Workforce Consultant at BT. We had just conducted a panel discussion on how to leverage data and analytics for HR and organizational success. Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Steve Boese Trish McFarlane on BlogTalkRadio.

A Strong Merit Promotion Process Builds a Strong Federal Workforce


The federal workforce’s key role is to provide quality service to the public. With a human capital strategy, human resources can plan, develop, appraise and reward based on merit promotion principles.

The Pros and Cons of Six Different Competency Models


Are a quick and efficient method for collecting data. 4) Workforce Surveys. Collects highly valid and reliable data when designed correctly. Validates or expands upon data collected via other methods, especially if observation is used.

5 Benefits of a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy


Companies cannot hire fast enough to keep up with their workforce demands and competition is fierce for those high potential people who will deliver innovative solutions or go above and beyond for your customers. Second, the data is siloed. What Data-Driven Recruitment Looks Like.

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Top Challenges Faced by HR Professionals in 2019


With HR planning and development, a focus on human capital can help achieve a balanced workforce. A diverse workforce is more than race, ethnicity, sex, age, national origin, and religion. Cloud-based systems are necessary for businesses to store and share data.

Three Ways HR Data Can Intensify The Growth Of Your Midsize Business


Throughout this blog series, my colleagues have discussed how many midsize businesses have significantly changed their approach to human resources. At the center of this transformation is data analytics. So how are these companies energizing their growth with data analytics?

Data 95

Visual Storytelling for HR: Are Infographics or Data Visualizations the Keys to Success?


Sometimes when people think they may need an infographic, they actually need a data visualization. So, how do you know when you need an infographic and when you need data visualization? Check out this example of an Infographic, which provides a “101” lesson on Workforce Planning.

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Developing a Talent Analytics Function: Build, Buy, or Borrow


If you’re interested in more details that don’t make it into my blog or LinkedIn Pulse content, feel free to reach out to me. In addition, building a need for analytics usage is similar to building the business case for strategic workforce planning.

Increased Transparency of Human Capital Data – an interview with Brian Wilkerson


The article examines the pros and cons of more transparency in human capital data being available to investors. What are some of the contributing factors that caused the standardization and disclosure of human capital data to become an essential area of focus by the SEC? Blogs

Research Preview: Unlocking Organizational Agility to Drive Digital Growth


Here are the five behaviors that are necessary for organizational agility: Enable Continuous Planning. The parts of the business that rely on revenue through digital efforts, in particular, require rapid and continuous planning cycles. The research found that dynamic planning helps organizations react quickly to changing market conditions and potential threats to the business. Upskill the Future Workforce. What do you consider most important to your company’s future?

4 non-obvious benefits of an Org Chart software - Sapling Blog


Employees will more readily use an org chart that has useful information that is easy to use and accessible.Planning and BudgetingDon’t hesitate to utilize the org chart as a planning tool to help leadership manage change and growth.

Workday Podcast: Getting in on the Act with Active Planning


Making a plan isn’t typically the hard part, but sticking to it is. Today, technology can enable active planning, which is updated continuously and can guide the business. I talked to Kerman Lau, vice president of financial planning and analysis at Adaptive Insights, about active planning: what it is, why it matters, and what successful planning looks like. Listen on SoundCloud: Workday Podcast: Getting in on the Act with Active Planning.

Organizational Agility: Preparing Your Workforce for Change


The speed and dynamism of the global market, together with the emergence of machine learning and other data-driven technologies, puts the onus on businesses to ensure they remain nimble. Of those core capabilities, our study finds businesses are most proactive when it comes to building and skilling the future workforce. In the following sections, we take a look at why it pays to build—and keep—an agile workforce , and which skills will be critical to tomorrow’s winners. .

Organizational Agility: Supporting Adaptable People and Processes


From the threat of a global recession to data privacy concerns and persistent political instability, the challenges facing businesses stretch far and wide. . The post Organizational Agility: Supporting Adaptable People and Processes appeared first on Workday Blog. Human Resources HR transformation Innovation & Technology Organizational Agility workforce planningYou don’t have to look far to uncover the many risks facing businesses today.

Blogging from Tucana People Analytics

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I''m taking a short break from training and speaking to attend Tucana''s People Analytics conference (22-23 April) as a blogger.

How Low-Skill Workers Can Survive Automation

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But with the right strategies, workforce agencies can make it easier for these workers to leverage the skills they have and transition to new jobs. In these cases, workforce agencies can target training for “adjacent jobs,” roles that demand similar skills to the workers’ former job.

How HR Can Use Metrics And Data To Speak The Language Of Business


In this blog, I’ll explore some of the common reasons I’ve come across and recommend how to move your analytics up the scale. We have issues with data accuracy. This is no reason to avoid using the data—in fact, just the opposite.

Finding Mobile App Developers Is Not Where You Expect

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Burning Glass Technologies’ data shows that the average salary overall for the top six high-growth MSAs is $94,301, with only Denver ($105,000) and Austin ($101,000) coming close to tech hubs Seattle ($121,789), San Francisco ($119,113) and Los Angeles ($109,933).